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posted by Mike on 08/23/2017

Pink salmon fishing in the Snohomish river has improved over the past week. We have had a number of customers that have caught their three fish limits. There are fish throughout the system at the present time. Fishing has not been a slam dunk by any means and you have to be at the correct spot at the right time with the right presentation to be successful. These fish seem to be moving though the system fairly fast and are not pooling up by any means. As far as gear goes it is just the standard fare. Folks in the tidal section of the river are tossing Buzz Bombs or Rotators as well as weighted pink jigs in marabou, rabbit or squid bodies. Up river Dick Nite spoons or jigs have been the norm.


We have not even come close to the peak of the run, we should see good fishing though about the 20th of September before we start to see the fishery decline. By then we should be seeing good numbers of Coho salmon to take their place.


posted by Mike on 08/23/2017

If you are wanting to fish the Whidbey Island beaches this season it's time for you to do such! We have been getting better reports every week since it has opened and with September 4th the last day of this season approaching you had better not wait. We had a very good report from Bush point this morning with good numbers of pinks being landed. Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey all provide some access to the beaches. Make sure that you fish off the public areas or have permission to fish from privite beaches. Remember the land owners do own the tidelands, make sure to ask before you venture forth in front beachfront homes.


Most angles are fishing Rotators or Buzz Bombs for the pink salmon in pinkish colors. Many are enhancing their lures with the addation of a small pinkish hoochie (squid) over their hook.


posted by Mike on 08/23/2017

WDFW encourages anglers to fish for escaped Atlantic salmon

OLYMPIA – State salmon managers are encouraging anglers to fish for thousands of Atlantic salmon that escaped recently from a salmon farm near the San Juan Islands.

Cooke Aquaculture notified the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) of a net pen failure on Aug. 19 that caused the release of Atlantic salmon from the Cypress Island location. About 305,000 salmon were in the net pen at the time, though the company initially estimated that only 4,000-5,000 fish have escaped. Cypress Island lies along Rosario Strait between Guemes and Blakely islands

"Our first concern, of course, is to protect native fish species," said Ron Warren, head of WDFW's Fish Program. "So we'd like to see as many of these escaped fish caught as possible."

Warren said there is no evidence that these fish pose a threat to native fish populations, either through disease or crossbreeding with Pacific salmon. To date, there is no record of Atlantic salmon successfully reproducing with Pacific salmon in Washington's waters, he said.

"It will be some time before we know how many fish escaped the net pens," Warren said. "That's why we've authorized Cooke Aquaculture to fish with beach seine nets and we're encouraging anglers to go out and harvest these fish."

The escaped fish are estimated to be eight to 10 pounds in size and are safe to eat.

There is no size or catch limit on Atlantic salmon. However, anglers may only fish for Atlantic salmon in marine waters that are already open to fishing for Pacific salmon or freshwater areas open for trout fishing. Anglers also must stop fishing for Atlantic salmon once they've caught their daily limit of Pacific salmon.

To help anglers identify Atlantic salmon, WDFW has posted a salmon identification guide on its webpage at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/salmon/atlantic.html

Anglers must have a current fishing license and must also observe gear regulations identified in the 2017-18 sport fishing rules pamphlet. Anglers do not have to report Atlantic salmon on their catch record cards.

WDFW shares management authority with the state Department of Agriculture for monitoring fish diseases. Other state departments, local governments and tribal governments have authority related to the siting of marine aquaculture and water quality.


posted by Mike on 08/18/2017

Ocean salmon fishery off Ilwaco and Westport to close early

Action:   Close Marine Areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport) to salmon fishing.

Effective Dates:  Effective 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Species affected:  All salmon.

Locations:  Marine Areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport), Cape Falcon, Oregon to Queets River, Washington.

Reason for action: Estimates indicate that anglers will reach quotas for coho salmon by the end of the day Tuesday. Closing the salmon fishery early will help ensure compliance with conservation requirements.

Other information: Recreational fisheries in Ilwaco and Westport would have closed earlier in August but were able to remain open due to transfers of quota by the commercial troll fishery to the recreational fishery. 

Marine Areas 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay) and the Buoy 10 fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River remain open as scheduled.

Information Contact: Wendy Beeghley, WDFW Ocean Salmon Manager, 360-249-1215.


posted by Mike on 08/15/2017

The number of anglers fishing Baker Lake has slowed but the fishing has still been good for those that know what they are doing. PSE has trucked 8,493 to the lake as of the 13th of July and have trapped 15,940 in their traps on the Baker River.

I had one of the regular sockeye fishermen in yesterday and he and his wife landed 7 on Saturday and said one of his friends managed to boat 8. Most anglers are boating a fish or two for their efforts. The fishing has been in the upper portion of the lake and most are finding them at 25 - 45 feet.

This fishery will run through September 7th, so you still have a few weeks to fish.


posted by Mike on 08/09/2017

If you would like to do a little beach fishing for salmon now is the time to hit the western beaches on Whidbey Island. We had one of the customers fishing Bush Point yesterday and he say around 40 landed during the time he was there. Most of the fish were pink salmon but he said there were a couple of smaller coho also landed.

This fishery will continue through the 4th of September when everything closes. Also remember that Area 6 closes to all fishing after August 15th and Area 8-1 is closed! Make sure to read your regulations very well, as things are not normal this season.

If you haven't done any beach fishing just stop by and we'll be glad to fill you in on things. We have lots of gear on hand for this popular fishery.


posted by Mike on 08/04/2017

As of today PSE has trapped 15,356 sockeye at the Baker River Trap and have transfered 8,025 to the lake itself. With some fresh fish in the lake we sould see some improvement to the fishing. We have seen a downturn in the fishing over the past few weeks and even some of the knowledgable sockeye anglers getting just a fish or two for their efforts and even getting skunked. As wee get into the middle of the month we should see the fish once again getting more aggressive as they get closer to spawning.


posted by Mike on 08/02/2017

The beach fishing in Marine Area 9 is now starting to heat up and will continue through September 4th. This season we have a beach fishing only opportunity for pinks and hatchery coho. Though it is not popular with boat owners, it at least gives anglers a chance to fish.

Some of the most productive spots to fish are on the western side of Whidbey Island where the lions share of fish going to Puget Sound and Hood Canal will pass on their way to their home streams. Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey are the favorites. Make sure that you know where you can fish as most of the beaches are in fact privately owned. Fort Casey is State Park land and allows the greatest amount of public access. Bush Point has public access noth of the boat launch as well as a small area by the light house on the south beach. Lagoon has very limited public acces, so make sure you know where you are. Another popular area is off the beach at Point No Point at the Northeast tip of the Kitsap Penn.

For the pink salmon a pink colored Buzz Bomb or Rotator are the number one choices. Some anglers add a small hoochie over the hook for a tad bit of additional enticement. For the silvers go to chartreuse or geen colored offerings or try fishing a small herring under a float.

This is a very non typical year, make sure to read your regulations well. Just don't assume things are back to normal regulation wise as it is not!


posted by Mike on 07/29/2017

Marine Area 9 salmon anglers limited to shoreline
fishing July 31; Chinook retention closes

Action: Closes Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet) to chinook retention, and restricts salmon anglers to shoreline fishing only.

Effective Date:  Effective 12:01 a.m., Monday, July 31, 2017.

Species affected: Chinook salmon.

Location: Puget Sound, Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet Area).

Reason for action: Preliminary estimates through Thursday indicate that anglers had caught 4,642 fish (83 percent) of the chinook quota of 5,599 fish for Marine Area 9. WDFW anticipates reaching the quota for this fishery by the end of the day Sunday. The changes to the chinook fishery are in compliance with conservation objectives and agreed-to management plans.

In addition, Marine Area 9 will remain open to salmon fishing only from the shoreline. Anglers will not be permitted to fish for salmon from a boat or other floating device starting Monday (July 31). The reason for this action is to protect expected low runs of wild coho and pink salmon returning to the Skagit and Stillaguamish rivers.

Other information: Beginning July 31, the daily limit will be 2 salmon; chum, chinook and wild coho must be released. The catch estimates and quotas for Marine Area 9 can be found at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/reports_plants.html.

For specific regulations, anglers should consult the 2017-18 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet available online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/.

Information contact: Ryan Lothrop, (360) 902-2808 or Mark Baltzell, (306) 902-2807.


posted by Mike on 07/28/2017

Sockeye fishing at Baker Lake has slowed the past week though PSE has trucked additional fish to the lake. As of July 27th there have been 7,386 sockeye trucked to the lake and 14,436have been trapped in the Baker River. We have been hearing of better fishing in the upper portion of the lake recently.

Why fishing has been slower, I think we can only guess why it has been such. A number of our regular sockeye fisherman that are consistant producers have seen very poor fishing recently. Hopefully it will turn around!


posted by Mike on 07/28/2017

If I had to guess, I think we will get to fish though this weekend for Chinook in Marine Area 9 before we reach our Chinook guideline of 5,599. As of the 23rd according to WDFW we had havested 3,435. If we do make it though the weekend I would seriously doubt that we would make it to the following weekend. When we do reach our quota then it would be time to head south and fish Marine Area 10 as WDFW has increased the Chinook limit to two (effective Saturday 29th, July) and as of the 23rd had only caught 227 of the 2,166 quota. Though generally the fish historically do not bite as well once they migrate into this area.


Another choice is to fish the "Bubble". It has been exceptionally productive this season.


Get put and fish before we reach the closures!


posted by Mike on 07/28/2017

Anglers can keep 2 chinook per day
in Marine Area 10 beginning July 29

Action: Increases the daily limit for hatchery chinook to two fish in Marine Area 10, excluding Sinclair Inlet and fishing piers.

Effective Date: 12:01 a.m. Saturday, July 29, through 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017.

Species affected: Chinook salmon.

Location: Marine Area 10 (Seattle/Bremerton Area).

Reason for action: Preliminary estimates indicate that anglers had caught 227 fish, or 10 percent, of the chinook quota of 2,166 fish for Marine Area 10. WDFW anticipates that sufficient quota remains to allow the fishery to run through Aug. 15 as scheduled. The changes to the chinook fishery are consistent with conservation objectives and agreed-to management plans.

Other information: The daily limit remains unchanged at a 2-salmon limit; chum, wild chinook and wild coho must still be released. The catch estimates and quotas for Marine Area 10 can be found at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/reports_plants.html.

For specific regulations, anglers should consult the 2017-18 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet available online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/.

Information contact: Ryan Lothrop, (360) 902-2808, or Mark Baltzell, (306) 902-2707.


Once again due to low catch numbers in Marine Area 10, WDFW has increased the limit to two hatchery Chinnok. We had this same problem last year and even with the increase in the limit we did not catch our quota before the closure. It just goes to show that by the time the fish have made it to this area they no longer feed.


posted by Mike on 07/25/2017

Fishing for Baker Lake sockeye improved this past Friday and over the weekend after a much slower first part of last week. As of yesterday PSE has trucked 6,794 fish to the lake and have trapped a total of 13,677 this season. We should continue to see some good fishing for quite some time. Fishing has been a tad better in the upper portion of the lake recently. We have had a number of customers that have fished recently and most all have had some resonable success. Limits are generally not the rule on a daily basis but a fish or two has been more the norm.


posted by Mike on 07/18/2017

Sockeye fishing at Baker Lake has been very consistant so far this season. Customers that I have spoke with said the fishing was good over the weekend and slowed this morning for some reason. The fishing has been far more consistant at the lower portion of the lake so far this season according to the fish checkers.


We have lots of sockeye tackle in stock and we have cured coon stripe shrimp as well as live sand shrimp most of the time.



posted by Mike on 07/15/2017

Anglers fishing Baker Lake this weekend will be pleased with the number of fish tat PSE has transferred today. The total numbers trucked to the lake have risen to 4,661 as of this afternoon. Anglers should find good fishing this weekend.


posted by Mike on 07/14/2017

With increasing numbers of sockeye trucked to Baker Lake the fishing has improved. As of today there have been 3,520 trucked to the lake by PSE. The reports that we have received have been quite good from the Baker Lake regulars.


Fishing so far has been better in the lower half of the lake, though their have been reports of better fishing at the upper end of the lake as fish have been making their way up lake.


Fish have been consistantly in the 25 - 45 foot depths.


We have "Lots" of sockeye tackle on hand as well as fresh sand shrimp and preserved coon stripe shrimp.


posted by Mike on 07/12/2017

Marine Area 7 West closing to shrimp fishing

Action:  Marine Area 7 West, which is located in the western San Juan Islands, is closing to recreational shrimp fishing.

Effective date:  At 9 p.m., Sunday, July 16, 2017.

Species affected:  All shrimp species including spot shrimp.

Location:  Marine Area 7 West (San Juan Channel, Spieden Channel Stuart and Waldron Islands).

Reason for action: State shellfish managers estimate the recreational spot shrimp quota in this area will be reached.

Other information:  Marine Areas 4, 5 and 6 (excluding the Discovery Bay Shrimp District) remain open to fishing for all shrimp species (including spot shrimp).

Contact:  Mark OĉŽ˘oole, La Conner, (360) 466-4345 ext. 241, or Don Velasquez, Mill Creek, (425) 775-1311, ext. 112.


posted by Mike on 07/12/2017

Skagit River sockeye fishery extended
after added two-day river-wide closure

Actions, effective dates, and areas:

  • Extends the fishing season for all species, including sockeye salmon, through July 21 on the Skagit River from Hwy. 536 at Mt. Vernon (Memorial Hwy. Bridge) to the mouth of Gilligan Creek. This section of the river was previously scheduled to close July 16 for the season.
  • Closes the Skagit River from the mouth to the Highway 530 Bridge in Rockport to all fishing July 12 and 13. The river was previously scheduled to be open to fishing these dates.

Reasons for action: Sufficient numbers of sockeye have returned, allowing fish managers to extend the fishing season through July 21.

The additional closure dates are necessary to avoid gear conflicts with tribal fisheries now scheduled for those dates.

Other information: Salmon daily limit: 3 sockeye only. Night closure is in effect.

All rules that were in effect from June 1-July 15 on the Skagit River from the Highway 536 Bridge in Mt Vernon upstream to Gilligan Creek will remain in effect through the extension.

Please refer to the Baker Sockeye webpage located at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/salmon/sockeye/baker_river.html for further information on seasons, fishing rule updates and fish counts.

Information contact: Mill Creek Regional Office (425) 775-1311.


posted by Mike on 07/10/2017

The numbers of sockeye that have been trucked to Baker Lake has increased to 2,714 with 4,663 traped so far this season. We heard of at least some fair numbers of sockeye caught over the weekend. As always, the guys that know the game were the ones that produced. Though the fishing wasn't spectacular overall by any means at least there were a few fish caught. We should see much better results this week with the increasing numbers of fish.


We have a good selection of sockeye gear on hand as well as fresh sand shrimp and cured coon stripe shrimp on hand at present.


posted by Mike on 07/10/2017


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