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Puget Sound Squid Season 2020

Puget Sound Squid Season 2020

Update November 24, 2020

Still seeing good numbers of squid caught. COVID-19 updates in the middle of the month have pushed more anglers to boats, which has been just as effective. Starting to see some of the typical migration of squid further south as we move toward December.

Been getting lots of reports of lost jigs, so we added 5-packs and 10-packs that have some extra savings: Weighted Squid Jig Packs

Edmonds, Seattle, Tacoma, and other places around Puget Sound have continued to produce excellent numbers of squid for many anglers this year.

Going in the evening still offers the best chance, but many are opting for daytime fishing to avoid crowds, while others are utilizing their boats. All variations have been successful.

Edmonds Pier has shown the most popularity, with over 400 anglers seen on the dock in our recent count. As expected, weekends are busier than weekdays, but not by much.

Shilshole squid numbers have been good, but A Dock and the northern pier have not been as popular this year, making it a good choice for those south of Edmonds.

Limited reports at the Seattle waterfront piers have come in, despite being a major hot spot in prior years. Construction in the area is mostly finished, but the recent collapse near the ferris wheel at Pier 58 and its temporary closure has pushed everyone out of the usual area. Other parts of the waterfront are still open and worthwhile.

Les Davis Pier in Tacoma/Ruston has also seen great squidding and record numbers of anglers with limits. As with Edmonds, you can expect to see a near-full dock.

If you're not willing to make the drive further south or looking to avoid crowds, another option is to walk on the ferry at Edmonds and try the piers at Kingston. Reports have been good, but make sure to stick with a high tide. Walking off the ferry, you'll hang a left at the bottom of the ramp and look for signs for the high speed transit boat - this is the dock most are using.

The typical setup of a long, light rod and spinning reel with 8-12lb test line continues to be the most frequent choice for most anglers, but a few have switched to a fly rod for better action.

Squid jigs continue to be tough to keep in stock, with thousands sold in just the last couple weeks. More are being made daily, but keeping up with the record number of people going has been a challenge. Our inventory updates as they arrive at the link below:

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