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Snohimish River Pink Salmon

Pink salmon fishing in the Snohomish river has improved over the past week. We have had a number of customers that have caught their three fish limits. There are fish throughout the system at the present time. Fishing has not been a slam dunk by any means and you have to be at the correct spot at the right time with the right presentation to be successful. These fish seem to be moving though the system fairly fast and are not pooling up by any means. As far as gear goes it is just the standard fare. Folks in the tidal section of the river are tossing Buzz Bombs or Rotators as well as weighted pink jigs in marabou, rabbit or squid bodies. Up river Dick Nite spoons or jigs have been the norm.


We have not even come close to the peak of the run, we should see good fishing though about the 20th of September before we start to see the fishery decline. By then we should be seeing good numbers of Coho salmon to take their place.

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