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Nisqually Opens For Hatchery Coho And Other Gamefish

Nisqually River open to retention of hatchery coho and gamefish

Action: Retention of hatchery coho and gamefish is permitted. Salmon, trout and other gamefish fishing open on the mainstem Nisqually River from mouth to the military tank crossing bridge.

Effective dates: Oct. 22, 2016, until further notice.

Species affected:  Coho salmon and gamefish

Location: Mainstem Nisqually from mouth to the military tank crossing bridge.

Reasons for action:  The Nisqually River was originally closed to all fishing under a state and tribal co-manager agreement to protect coho salmon.

Egg-take goals for coho have been met at Kalama and Clear Creek hatcheries, allowing the co-managers to open fisheries for coho and gamefish. 

Other information: Anglers can retain 2 hatchery adult coho only and must release all chinook, all chum, wild coho and wild steelhead.  Trout minimum size 14", daily limit 2.  Other gamefish statewide minimum size/daily limits apply.

Sport anglers should be aware that tribal fisheries will also be occurring and should avoid interfering with those fisheries.

Information Contact: James P. Losee, (360) 902-2741,

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