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posted by Mike on 08/31/2018

The Whidbey Island beach salmon fisheries have not been stellar so far this season. There have been a few fish being caught virtually every day, but hot it's not! This could turn around any day and fishing could be fantastic. 


Spoke with Danny at Possession Point Bait Company (360) 579-4704 Wednesday evening to see what was happening at his place. He said that the fishing had been slow, but fish were being caught, On Wednesday there were just 3 fish landed, Tuesday 3, Monday 7 and Sunday produced 9. Not hot fishing by any means but at least there are a few fish being caught. He has lots of minnow herring on hand mixed with a few larger plug cuts if you are in need of bait. 


We have lots of beach fishing tackle on hand, with lots of Rotators, Buzz Bombs and float fishing tackle. If you haven't fished the beaches before stop by and we;ll be glad to give you a hand setting up.


Remember that the Marine Area 9 beaches are open for Hatchery Coho only with a 2 fish limit. Area 9 will close at the end of September (September 3oth last day). Marine Area 8-2 is open for both Hatchery and Wild Coho with a 2 fish limit. Area 8-2 will be open through September 23rd. Marine Area 8-1 will be open for both Hatchery and Wild Coho with a two fish limit. Area 8-1 will be open through September 30th.

More Whidbey Island Coho

posted by Mike on 09/18/2015

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You are never too young to start salmon fishing! Here's a great photo of Isabella Grace with her first salmon. She caught this coho with her Dad Tony at Fort Casey on a customized Pearl Rotator. Nice Fish Isabella! Perhaps she will stop by with some smoked salmon in the near future!

Whidbey Island Coho & Pinks

posted by Mike on 09/03/2015

If you are a land locked angler and looking for a little salmon action now is the time to be heading to the western beaches of Whidbey Island. This week we have had very good reports coming from all of the Island's beaches. There are more Coho being caught every day and there are still a fair number of pinks being caught. With better numbers of Coho showing in the catches folks are changing their gear over from pinks. You can give Bush Point, Lagoon Point or Fort Casey a try! There are many other beaches that also deliver good results if you do a little prospecting.


There are two different methods that are utilized. The first is casting and retreiving Rotators or Buzz Bombs in chartreuse, flame/orange or pearl white colors in the 2 1/2 inch size. Some anglers are also adding a small squid over their hook for additional inhancement. The second method is to fish a float with a herring suspended under it. This is a very fun sport and very productive. If you want to see this method first hand a trip to Possession Point Bait Company off of Franklin Road at the SE corner of Whidbey Island is the place to go. You will see a number of anglers lined up on the beach in front of the bait company fishing either a live herring or a fresh killed bait. Many anglers punch out an entire catch record card or more fishing just here during the Coho run. You can get fresh bait from Danny, Angie or one of the kids. This fishery is a kick! Many just pick up their bait in the morning and then go off to their favorite island hot spot.


If you have never fished the beaches you can stop by and the crew here at Ted's will be more than happy to help you out on the places to go and techniques to use. We have lots of this tackle in stock.

They Are Here! Pinks Have Hit The Beaches Of Western Whidbey Island

posted by Mike on 07/11/2015

It seems the pink salmon fishery will have an extremely early start this year. We started to hear about an odd pink salmon being caught this past weekend and this week the numbers have just steadily increased. We heard of a few pinks being landed at Point No Point in the middle of the week and a fair number being caught at Bush Point and Lagoon Point all week long. Today we had one of the guys have a four fish limit off Lagoon Point in short order. Lots of pinks were caught all this week off the west side of San Juan Island. We even heard of a couple of pinks caught off Edmonds this morning.


Without a doubt this is the earliest I have ever seen pinks showing up in the catches. Hopefully it's a sign of an outstanding run!


Ted's is stocked up will pink gear! We have everything you will be needing to pursuit them. Just stop by and we'll be more than happy to help you rig up.

Whidbey Coho

posted by Mike on 09/26/2014

The salmon fishing off the western beaches of Whidbey Island has still been good with good numbers of coho being landed every day. Though the fishing hasn't been as good as last years banner season, the fishing has at least been consistant. Anglers are throwing Rotators of Buzz Bombs in a variety of colors with most anglers favoring chartreuse tones. Many are also adding small micro or mini squid patterns over their hook in a variety of colors for a tad bit more of enhancement.


We had a couple of the regulars that were at Bush Point this morning and managed to catch three in a short time and were here at the shop just after we opened to restock their tackle selection. They said that they also saw a good number of fish landed by the anglers around them with many catching their limits and leaving quite early.


This fishery should be good for at least the next couple of weeks then slow down toward the end of October, though there will bean occasional coho caught into December.

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