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posted by Mike on 04/03/2019

Winter chinook fishery guidelines
Area Encounter guideline Encounters  Date Percentage of guideline
6 5,457 2,632 3/24/2019 48 (OPEN THROUGH 4/15)
7 10,735 8,022 3/24/2019 75 (OPEN THROUGH 4/15)
8-1 and 8-2 5,474 3,977 3/24/2019 73 (OPEN THROUGH 4/30)
9 8,336 4,970 3/24/2019 60 (OPEN THROUGH 4/15)
10 2,996 3,620 3/24/2019 121 (AREA CLOSED)           


posted by Mike on 02/16/2019

Salmon fishing opens in Marine Area 5 today, February 5th. This is an awsome winter blackmouth area at this time of year. The area is open for a two salmon limit with a 22 in minimum size limit on the Chinook and no size limit on other species. You must release wild Chinook and wild Coho. The season will run through April 30th.

Good Fishing!


posted by Mike on 01/18/2019

Looks as if our Winter blackmouth fishing is following our summer king salmon fishery. We have seen some good fishing this winter season, and with it lots of participation. Despite WDFW lowering the limit to just a single blackmouth and many days of bad weather, we will reach our impact numbers by Saturday, 19th January and the season is over! We will have to switch over to Marine Area  8-1, 8-2, 9, 11, 12 or 13 to be able to continue our fishing. Area 6 will open Februay 1st and Area 5 will open February 16th. If you want to fish you'll just have to switch areas.


If we want to have longer seasons, we need to curtail the impacts we have on the smaller sublegal fish. Please go to larger lures and baits to cut down on the number of smaller fish that you are catching and releasing.


Salmon fishing to close in Marine Area 10

Action: Closes angling for salmon.

Effective date: January 20 through March 31, 2019. 

Species affected: Salmon.

Location: Marine Area 10.

Reason for action: Preliminary estimates and fishery projections indicate the total encounters guideline is expected to be reached by the end of the day Saturday, Jan. 19. This closure is necessary to avoid exceeding the allowable limit of total encounters including both retained and released fish. The fishery is being closed to control impacts on stocks of concern and ensure compliance with conservation objectives.

Additional information: Salmon fishing remains open at year-round piers as listed in the 2018-2019 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

Information contact: David Stormer, Puget Sound Recreational Salmon Manager, (360) 902-0058.


posted by Mike on 12/27/2018

Finally, we have a number of areas opening for Winter blackmouth this next Tuesday, January 1st, 2019. Marine Areas 7(San Juan Islands), Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet) and Marine Area 10 (Seattle/Bremerton) will open Tuesday, January 1st, 2019. These areas were delayed this season due to large impacts on sub legal fish when these areas opened earlier. By delaying the opener it is hoped that a lager number of fish will have grown to legal size, lessing the impacts on smaller (sub-legal) fish which have caused WDFW to close areas earlier when impact numbers are reached.

Make sure to read your WDFW regulations for the areas you intend to fish as every area is slightly diferent. Please take note that WDFW has changed the Area 10 limit to just a single fish. 

Hopefully, we should see some fairly good sized fish in marine Area 9 & 10 as we have seen some good sized fish landed off the Edmonds Pier this Fall / Winter season. There have been a number of fish landed in the 7 -14 pound range in the past month. This has been the best Fall / Winter season we have seen off the pier, with many of the regulars landing legal fish on a consistant basis. 

If you want to curtail the number of sub - legal fish you encounter consider fishing larger offerings. Going to plugs in the 4 - 5 inch range, such as Silver Hordes or Tomics, will help cut down on the smaller fish. Fishing larger soons in the 4 - 5 inch range will also accomplish curtailing the impacts on smaller fish. Yes, you may not catch as many fish, but the average will be considerably larger. If we lessen the impacts, then we will see a longer season, and just might see a full season, giving us more time on the water.


Good Luck To All Of You!


posted by Mike on 12/01/2018

Today marked the opener of blackmouth season in Marine Areas 8-1 & 8-2. The weather was outstanding today and many anglers hit the water to see if they could find a blackmouth or two. A good many die hard salmon anglers have not been on the water since the closing of Marine Area 9 at the end of September.

Overall, we had some fair reports coming from anglers that fished the area today. The best reports we had came out ot the Greenbank area today. We didn't see much over the 7- 8 pound range with most fish being in the 22 - 24 inch range. Everyone who fished the race track area found lots of hungry seals.

Heard of a few larger wild chinook that had to be released today. Weather looks good for tomorrow and there should be a good number of anglers hitting the water again.


posted by Mike on 11/24/2018

Next Saturday, December 1st will be the opening of Marine Areas 8-1 & 8-2 for Winter blackmouth fishing. Both areas will be open for hatchery Chinook with a 22 inch minimum size and a two fish limit. Wild Chinook and Coho must be returned. If you do luck into a late returning Chum you may also retain it under your two fish limit. 

On the first weekend we will be fishing an incoming tide both days with the high on Saturday at 12.09 pm (Edmonds) and Sunday at 12.54 pm (Edmonds). During the Winter I find being out there at the crack of dawn less important than the tides. There are a number of reasons for this: 1st: The depth that we are fishing is generally somewhere in the 90 - 200 foot depths, which have little light penatration to those depths. 2nd: Light in general is less intense in the Winter months. 3rd: We are dealing with blackmouth, which are the teenagers of Chinook, and they are generally always hungry.

These areas wil be open until the end of April 2019, unless we exceed our guidelines for Chinook incounters.


posted by Mike on 02/14/2017

It's once again time for the Annual Bill Hayes Hot Plug's Derby taking place on February 25th. This is a popular local winter blackmouth derby taking place in Marine Area 8-1 & 8-2.


Tickets are $50.00 per person and everyone in the boat must have a ticket.


Prizes are as follows:

1st Place 50% of total entry fees

2nd Place 20% of total entry fees

3rd Place 15% of total entry fees

4th Place 10% of total entry fees

$100.00 cash prize will be drawn for 2 ticket holders, fish or no fish! (Must be present to win)


Weigh in will be between 3:00 - 4:30 pm at the Stanwood Eagles. Call (360) 629-3224 for directions.


Entry Fees can be paid at the following locations:

Stanwood Eagles

Elger Bay Store

Camano Marine

Holiday Sports

Johns Sporting Goods


For additional information call Ed Keller (425) 308-9437 or email edkeller829@gmail.com

OLYMPIC PENINSULA SALMON DERBY - FEBRUARY 16th, 17th & 18th February 2017

posted by Mike on 12/19/2016

This is one of the most popular winter salmon derbies held in the state. The derby being a three day event will see at least one day of decent water. This has been called the "Iron Man" of salmon derbies due to the inclement conditions under which we fish. However, it does have quite a following of hard core blackmouth anglers.


Tickets once again will be $40.00 for all three days of the event. Everyone in the boat must have a derby ticket.


First prize is $10,000.00, second is $2,000.00, third is $1,000.00 and there are four $500.00 "Mystery Fish" prizes. There are also a multitude of merchandise prizes.


Ted's has tickets on hand at present. I will post more information as the derby approaches. You can also get more informaion on their website at www.GardinerSalmonDerby.org.


posted by Mike on 11/04/2016

Finally, we have a chance to get back out on the water and chase some winter blackmouth on the local waters that have been closed to samon fishing for quite some time. Since it has opened on November 1st we have had some mixed reports from anglers. The best reports that we have are coming from the Possession Bar area south to the Head. Though there are alot of sub legals beeing caught, there are some nice fish being caught. We had one group of anglers that had 4 for there boat in the 8 - 10 pound range and released a wild fish of aroung 16 pounds. We have had similar reports from others that have been in. The Hat Island / Race track area seems to be putting out a high percentage of shakers for very few legal fish. The Saratoga Pasage area is like wise putting out a lot of small fish. Not to say there are no legal fish, but they are few and far between.

I am sure as more anglers venture out we will hear of more areas putting out fish. We'll pass on more information as we hear it. Get out and fish!

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