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posted by Mike on 12/31/2018

We wish all of you a Happy New Year! We hope that you find a few more days in 2019 to spend time on the water with your family and friends.

Have a very good New Year!

Happy New Year 2016

posted by Mike on 01/02/2016

All of the crew here at Ted's wishes each an every one of you a fantastic start to the new year. Now is the time to start planning your trips for the up and coming seasons. We are blessed here in the Pacific Northwest in that there is a wide array of fishing opprotunities. Most of us have our favorites that we focus our attention on. Perhaps it is a year that we should broaden our fishing horizons and try something out of our comfort zone! There is no lack of fisheries to try.


No matter what fishery is your favorite we hope that you have a fantastic year.


We would also like to thank all of you for the support that you showed us this past season.


Mike, John, Ryan & Larry

Happy New Year

posted by Mike on 12/31/2014

All of the crew here at Ted's sports Center wish everyone a very Happy New Year. We will be taking the day off tomorrow to rest and relax and possibly do a little fishing.


Have a good one!

Mike - John - Ryan - Larry - Josh

Happy New Years!

posted by Mike on 12/31/2013

Hope that all of you have a great new year in 2014. Thanks for all your support this past year.

The Ted's Crew

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