Ted's Sports Center - SQUID ARE BEING CAUGHT
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posted by Mike on 09/10/2018

We have been seeing squid being caught off and on this past month at a number of the typical squid jigging spots throughout Puget Sound. As we are located close to the Edmonds Pier we hear about the squid there more frequently than other spots, however we have been hearing of them caught at Shilshole, Kingston as well as the Bremerton area piers. The squid, for the most part are smaller sub adults averaging 4 -5 inches in lenght. Though smaller they are still fine eating.

The squidding is just getting started, and we should see good squidding clear into the first part of the year.


We have lots of squid jigs on hand for this upcoming season and a fair amount of compoments for those of you that like to assemble your own creations. 

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