Ted's Sports Center - 2016 Everett Blackmouth Derby Results
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2016 Everett Blackmouth Derby Results

posted by Mike on 03/25/2016

There was 125 boats that participated in last Saturdays 2016 Everett Blackmouth Derby that resulted in 70 entries. Fish ranges from the 1st place fish of 14.51 pounds down to the 70th entry at just 2.88 pounds. Here's a run down on the top 10 placements.


Patrick Monroe          14.51 pounds

Tina Taylor                 12.90 pounds

Gary Hamlin              12.90 pounds

Chuck Bright             12.81 pounds

Hans Aarhus             10.82 pounds

Gage Little                10.72 pounds

Ryan Kies                 10.47 pounds

Gordon Taylor              9.75 pounds

Allison Braicks            9.72 pounds

Stan Pope                  9.37 pounds


For the rest of the score board go to the official derby results at the 2016 Everett Blackmouth Derby website.


Congratulations to all those that placed and hopefully everyone had a great time on the water.

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