Ted's Sports Center - Marine Area 10 Closes To Salmon Fishing
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Marine Area 10 Closes To Salmon Fishing

posted by Mike on 11/21/2015

Marine Area 10 closes to salmon fishing except year-round piers


Action: Fishing for salmon is closed in Marine Area 10, excluding year-round piers.

Effective Date: 12:01 A.M., Dec. 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2016.

Species affected: salmon

Location: Marine Area 10 within Puget Sound, excluding year-round piers.

Reason for action: Preliminary estimates indicate that total chinook encounters exceed preseason expectations for Area 10. Year-round fishing pier impacts on chinook are expected to be minimal. Area 10 is closing to chum retention to minimize associated impacts on non-target salmon as the chum salmon run timing data indicates the run will be nearly complete by the end of November.

Other information: Year-round fishing piers are open effective Dec. 1 following the permanent rules as listed in the Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

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