Ted's Sports Center - Great Squid Fishing Season
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Great Squid Fishing Season

posted by Mike on 11/07/2015

Squidding has been nothing short of fantastic here in Puget Sound this season. We have had good years, but this year has surpassed anything I have seen in the past. Not only have we had great numbers of squid but the fishing has been very consistant virtually everywhere from Edmonds south. Usually, in past years we have seen one area have hot squidding and another have none or medorce fishing. Not so this season. For the most part if you put in some effort you will see times everyday when the fishing is very good. You do have to be there when the squid are there and some evenings the seals and sea lions disrupt the fishing. But, overall the fishing has been outstanding.


If you have not tried squidding this is the year that you want to give it a try. We have everything you need for squid fishing. We have one of the best selections of squid jigs in the area. We will be more than happy to help you out in getting started.

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