Ted's Sports Center - Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing - June 30th 2015
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Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing - June 30th 2015

posted by Mike on 06/30/2015

We are still seeing good kokanee results coming out of Lake Stevens this past week. The fish are going deeper as the water temperature increase to stay in their temperature comfort zones. Most of the folks we have spoke with are finding them in the 30 - 50 foot zones at present. Downrigger fishing has been the norm as it is hard to reach these depths with onventional tackle or even lead core. The fish are averaging around 12 inches though there have been a few 15 - 16 inch fish caught.


With many other fisheries opening up such as crab and saltwter salmon fishing the pressure on the lake has wained. You are having to contend with the folks using the lake for water sports so it's a good idea to get to the lake early. The best bite has been from first light to around 8 am.

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