Ted's Sports Center - Skagit River Sockeye Report For Saturday 27th June
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Skagit River Sockeye Report For Saturday 27th June

posted by Mike on 06/27/2015

The reports from the sockeye fishermen on the lower Skagit was good this morning. One of our customers said he saw 17 fish landed for the 20 or so anglers off the area he was fishing. The tribal nets came out of the water yesterday and evidently let a good number of fish through. We should see good fishing for the next few weeks until. The season runs throgh the 15th of June.


The numbers of fish making it to the Baker have been good and it should result in some good fishing at Baker Lake when it opens on the 10th of July.


We have lots of tackle in stock for both the river fishery as well as Baker Lake.

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