Ted's Sports Center - Columbia River Shad - Saturday June 27th
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Columbia River Shad - Saturday June 27th

posted by Mike on 06/27/2015

If you are wanting to get a last minute trip in for shad this season, I would say that this weekend or the first of the week will be just about it for this season as the numbers of fish going through Bonneville have been decreasing. This decrease marks the tail end of the run. This seasons run has been disapointing to say the least for most folks going down to fish. Most of the customers that took trips to fish shad were disapointed and results were generally poor for most. There were a few guys that did manage to hit it at the correct time and had fantastic fishing. But that was the exception rather than the rule.


We do have shad darts on hand for anyone that wants to do a last minute trip.

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