Ted's Sports Center - Eastside Steelheading
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Eastside Steelheading

posted by Mike on 03/08/2015

If you are looking to do a little steelheading and don't want to make the drive to the coastal streams or put up will the masses on the Cowlitz you might just look east. We have been getting some good reports out of the Wenatchee, Icicle and Methow from a number of our customers that have been heading over that way. The waters are low and clear so refined techniques are required. Try fishing floats and small jigs, beads or a combination of jigs with a trailing bead. With the water temp. increasing with the warmer days don't forget to throw in a spoon or two for something else to toss.


If you would like to fish with a good guide in this area for steelhead try Brad Wagner of Bobber Down Guide Service at (509) 670-3095. He does a fantastic job!

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