Ted's Sports Center - Squid - Edmonds
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Squid - Edmonds

posted by Mike on 12/15/2014

If you are wanting to go squid fishing I would have to say the time is ripe. The past few nights off the Edmonds pier has been off the hook! We have had countless numbers of folks in the past few days that have been ranting and raving about how good the fishing has been while restocking their selection of jigs. To say the least the word has gotton out as to how good the fishing has been and with it there has literally been a waiting line for some of the prime locations. Not only have the numbers of squid caught has been good but also the size.


We have a very good selection of squid jigs on hand as well as a fair selection of components for constructing your own work of art.


Stop by and well be glad to fill you in on the squid fishing techniques as well as how to clean them.

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