Ted's Sports Center - Baker Lake Sockeye Numbers Increase Slightly
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Baker Lake Sockeye Numbers Increase Slightly

posted by Mike on 07/12/2014

The numbers of Sockeye returing to the Baker River have been well below expectations. As of July 10th, 2,736 sockeye have been trapped at the Baker River and 486 transported to Baker Lake. Though the lake opened for Sockeye on the 10th with only 486 fish in the lake one should not have expectations of great fishing at the present time. Hopefully, the numbers of returning fish will increase greatly in the next few weeks and and produce a fishery that folks were expecting. Personnally, I have my doubts that things will radically change. I hope that I am wrong!


If you are wanting a Sockeye fix, I would take the road trip over the mountains and fish the Columbia. As you have seen in my posts the number of Sockeye returning to the Columbia has been far greater than anyones expectations and the fish continue to pour in in good numbers.


If you are in need of Sockeye tackle Ted's has lots of it in stock.  From dodgers, to mirco and mini hoochies, hooks and leaders, spin n glos and coon stripe shrimp. We have it all and are happy to show you how to rig it up.

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