Ted's Sports Center - Columbia River Sockeye Numbers Soar
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Columbia River Sockeye Numbers Soar

posted by Mike on 07/05/2014

The outlook is for a very good sockeye fishery for the Columbia River.  With 423,718 sockeye going over Bonneville Dam as of yesterday we should greatly exceed the 425,000 preseason estimate. The 4th of July is generally considered the peak of the run and we could easily see another 150,000 to 200,000 before the run is over. With the 425,000 preseason estimate we should see some very good fishing opprotunities and with the additional number still to come should make a good fishery even better. We have already been hearing of good catches of sockeye below a number of the up river dams.


We have a good supply of sockeye gear on hand and will be more than happy to help you out on our various sockeye fisheries here in the state.

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