Ted's Sports Center - Columbia River Shad - Numbers Rebound
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Columbia River Shad - Numbers Rebound

posted by Mike on 06/19/2014

Shad numbers dwindled from June 13th through June 17th where just a mere 37 - 65 thousand went through Bonneville a day during this time frame. This decline occured with the extreme minus tides that occured at the end of last week, over the weekend and the first of this week. Now that the tides have weaked the shad numbers have increase with 123,633 counted through Bonneville yesterday. To date we have had over 2 million through the dam.


Fishing has still been good for those going down and should continue with fishable numbers until around the 4th of July.


Though we have been cleaned of many of our shad darts we still have a good supply of some colors on hand.

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