Ted's Sports Center - Skykomish River Steelhead & Salmon
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Skykomish River Steelhead & Salmon

posted by Mike on 06/04/2014

The past few days has seen the fishing on the Skykomish slowing down after the fantastic opener. Fishermen are still doing quite good on the river for steelhead as well as a few chinook thrown in for anglers fishing below the Walace River. The best area for steelhead has still been the Reiter Pond section of the river down to the Cable Hole. Those that are tuned into the steelhead game are still getting their fish, though they are having to put in a little additional effort to do such. As far as the Chinook goes I still think we are a few weeks off from the peak. We did have one of our customers that managed to put three salmon into his boat on Tuesday but only managed a single steelhead today.


With the quality of the fishing we have seen so far this season I am sure we will continue to see a better than average steelhead season on the Skykomish this summer season.

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