Ted's Sports Center - 2014 Licenses Coming Up On April1st
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2014 Licenses Coming Up On April1st

posted by Mike on 03/17/2014

April 1st marks the need to have your new fishing licenses in hand. Your old license expires at the end of this month. Every year folks just forget to purchase the new one before venturing forth and many end up donating some funds to the state for not having a current license. Don't let the state get any of your money! Stop by your dealer and purchase your "New" 2014 license.


Also, Don't forget to send in those catch record cards to WDFW. Your Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon and Halibut catch record cards are all due by the end on April. You can turn them in anytime, but if you are going to participate in any of those fisheries between now and the end of the month don't send them as you will still need them until the end of March. Every year we have folks that need to purchase a duplicate punch card as them turned them in early thinking they would not use them.

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