Ted's Sports Center - Fly Casting Classes by Washington Fly Club
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Fly Casting Classes by Washington Fly Club

posted by Mike on 03/15/2014

If you have been wanting to learn how to fly cast or want to improve your casting skills the Washington Fly Club will be holding both beginning and advanced fly casting classes at the Green Lake Casting Pier this next month. The beginning classes will be a six week class session on Thursdays starting on April 3rd and the advanced classes will be a four week program on Wednesdays starting on April 2nd. Costs for these classes are $60.00. These classes are taught by FFF Certified Casting Instructors. You can sign up for these classes at http://www.wffc.com/instruction.htm


If you are in need of additional information please contact Pat Peterman at 425-503-5979 or email at patpeterman@gmail.com

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