Ted's Sports Center - Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby - February 15,16 & 17th
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Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby - February 15,16 & 17th

posted by Mike on 02/12/2014

We will have tickets for the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby that will take place over this three day weekend until we close at 7:00PM this Friday the 14th of February.  Ticket sales have been very brisk the last few days! Tickets are $40.00 for all three days of the derby.


This is a "Great" Derby with lots of participation.  There are lots of really good cash and merchandise prizes. Here's a little run down on the "CASH" prizes!


First Prize $10,000.00

Second Prize $2,000.00

Third Prize $1,000.00

Plus Four $500.00 Mystery Fish Pizes


For Additional Information go to: www.GardinerSalmonDerby.org

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