Ted's Sports Center - Whidbey Island Steelheading
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Whidbey Island Steelheading

posted by Mike on 11/21/2013

So far the steelheading on the island has been off to a very slow start. In talking with one of the island regulars this morning the rumors from the beach is that the fishing has been extremely slow so far this seaon with just a couple of fish caught so.  Generally by this time of the year the fishing is fairly consistant. (That is as consistant as steelheading can be.)  I suppose we will see what the next couple of weeks brings and with that perhaps what kind of season we will be seeing in our Puget Sound streams.


For those of you that have not partaken of this fishery the primary spots are Bush Point, Lagoon Point and Fort Casey.  With Bust Point and Fort Casey giving you the greatest amount of beach access.  Lagoon has very little public access with the greatest amount of beach being privetly owned.


If you have never tried this saltwater steelheading before stop by and we'll be glad to show you the set ups for this unique fishery.

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