Ted's Sports Center - Everett Coho Derby Results
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Everett Coho Derby Results

posted by Mike on 09/23/2013


Adult 1st Place: Don Pittwood  -  15.50 lbs

Adult 2nd Place: Hut Phanhthavilay  -  14.20 lbs

Adult 3rd Place: Dylan Alexander  -  14.19 lbs

Adult 4th Place: Gary Tisdale, Sr.  -  14.07 lbs

Largest Fish on a Dick Nite: Hut Phanhthavilay  -  14.20 lbs

Largest Fish on a Silver Horde: Don Pittwood  -  15.50 lbs

Largest Fish Caught on Either a Dick Nite or Silver Horde: Hut Phanhthavilay  -  14.20 lbs

Largest Fish Caught by an Active Duty Service Person: Tom Gay  -  12.92 lbs

Largest Fish Caught by a Women: Cheri Peterson  -  12.15 lbs

Oldest Participant in the Derby: Ray Stephanson, Sr.   -  90 years young

Kids 1st Place: Dean Fagan  -  11.13 lbs

Kids 2nd Place:Shane Nelson  -  9.98 lbs

Kids 3rd Place: Campen Pa  -  9.90 lbs

Adult Entrants: 1854

Kids Entrants: 216

Total # of Fish: 833

Average Fish Size: 7.41 lbs

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