Ted's Sports Center - Edmonds Coho Derby - Saturday September 7th
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Edmonds Coho Derby - Saturday September 7th

posted by Mike on 08/08/2013

The Edmonds Salmon Derby is just around the corner, make sure not to plan anything else for the day.  The  top prize is $5,000.00 for the largest Coho entered into the derby.

Tickets once again are just $30.00 and come with a $15.00 gift certificate from Anthony's Home Port toward two dinner entrees during the month of October at Anthony's Seafood Grill at the Alderwoood Mall.

We no sooner received the tickets yesterday and tickets were being sold.  With the derby a month away that will speak for the interest there is in this derby.

For additional information and rules see WWW.EDMONDSCOHODERBY.COM

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