Ted's Sports Center - King Salmon Reports from the Port Angeles Area
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King Salmon Reports from the Port Angeles Area

posted by Mike on 07/01/2013

Overall, the fishing was quite good out of Port Angeles this morning on the first day of king salmon season here in this area. I spoke with Dave Sanford this afternoon to get the scoop on what happened this morning. Dave said the weather was not exactly ideal as not only was it rough but also foggy. Despite the conditions Dave and his crew did manage to land 6 nice kings in the 10 - 16 pound range fishing in the winter hole area west of the base of the PA spit. Dave and the guys landed their fish jigging Dungeness Stinger Jigs in white and white/blue top color combinations.

Dave mentioned that the checker in PA said that overall the fishing had been fairly productive with a good number of fish brought in. He also said the amount of fishing pressure was light both from a Monday opener as well as the weather.

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