Ted's Sports Center - Skykomish River - Salmon & Steelhead
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Skykomish River - Salmon & Steelhead

posted by Mike on 06/14/2013

The fishing this week has definitely slowed from opening week. The easy limits of steelhead in the Reiter Ponds section of the river in the opening few days has gone by the wayside and now folks are having to work for their fish. John fished hard this week for just a single fish, putting in over 8 hours of fishing over two days. Though there are fish being caught every day in the hatchery section of the Sky, it is by no means hot! We will need the river to get some freshwater and additional height to bring in some fresh fish.

In the Wallace section down, where most boaters have been targeting kings, the same scenario is in play. There have been a few fish caught in the deeper holes first thing in the morning but after the first light bite things have been fairly slow.

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