Ted's Sports Center - Free Fishing Weekend - June 8 & 9
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Free Fishing Weekend - June 8 & 9

posted by Mike on 06/05/2013

Free Fishing Weekend
June 8-9, 2013

“Free Fishing Weekend” is June 8-9, 2013, when fishing licenses are not required of anyone to fish in Washington. Free Fishing Weekend in Washington is always the first weekend after the first Monday in June.

Also NOT required on Free Fishing Weekend:

Vehicle Access Pass (which comes with a fishing license)
Discover Pass
Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement
Two-Pole Endorsement

Remember - all other rules still apply, including seasons, area and lure or bait restrictions, and size and catch limits. Catch Record Cards (first one is free) are required to fish for salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, and halibut. Please see the 2013 Fishing Regulation Pamphlet for all rules and restrictions.

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