Ted's Sports Center - Tulalip Bubble Fishery Opens Friday May 31st
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Tulalip Bubble Fishery Opens Friday May 31st

posted by Mike on 05/24/2013

Salmon fishing opens in the Tulalip Terminal Area, which we call the Bubble this next Friday, May 31st. This is area 8-2's only open Chinook fishery until the winter blackmouth fishery in November.

This area is open Friday though Monday at noon from May 31st through September 2nd then open Saturdays and Sundays September 7th through September 22nd. The only additional closure day will be June 15th.

The area will have a two fish limit with 22" minimum on Chinook and no size on other salmon species, it will also have an additional pink limit of two. This also is a "Two Rod" area if you have purchased a two rod endorsement. Having this greatly enhances your odds if you are fishing alone to be able to have a different presentation on the second rod.

Though this fishery is notoriously tough in terms of consistent catches it does provide an opportunity to be able to fish.

Make sure that you read your WDFW Sport Fishing Rules for the area description and regulations

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