Ted's Sports Center - Riffe Lake - Landlocked Silver Salmon
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Riffe Lake - Landlocked Silver Salmon

posted by Mike on 05/20/2013

We have had some very outstanding reports coming out of this reservoir on the upper Cowlitz River. Landlocked silver salmon in the 12 -14 inch range have been easy picking for most everyone we have spoke with.

We had one of the guys in this morning restocking his tackle after the weekend. He said limits were easy, taking only a couple of hours for ten of them to catch their five fish limits. Tackle was simple with just an ounce of lead to take down their Gold Star Mini Dodgers followed by a small Golden Bait mini octopus skirt in a 0224 color pattern (Clear UV with a pink spatterback top). Trolled at 11/2 - 2 mph this gear was just the ticket.

This is an outstanding lake not only for the silvers but also offers some great smallmouth bass fishing.

There are a number of good campgrounds in the area

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