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Halibut To Close In Marine Area 2

posted by Mike on 05/17/2013

Halibut fishing to close in all of Marine Area 2

Action: Close the recreational halibut fishery in Marine Area 2 (Westport-Ocean Shores), including the northern nearshore area from the Queets River (47�31.70'N. latitude) south to Point Chehalis (46�58.00'N. latitude) and east of a line approximating the 30 fathom depth contour as defined by the following coordinates until further notice.

47 31.70 N. lat, 124 37.03 W. long

47 25.67 N. lat, 124 34.79 W. long

47 12.82 N. lat, 124 29.12 W. long

46 58.00 N. lat, 124 24.24 W. long

Effective date: May 20, 2013

Species affected: Pacific halibut

Location: Marine Area 2

Reason for action: The Marine Area 2 recreational halibut fishery is projected to have taken the Pacific halibut quota for the primary season and the northern nearshore area by the end of the day May 19, 2013. This rule conforms to federal action taken by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC).

Additional Information: Recreational halibut fishing remains open in other coastal and Puget Sound areas.

Marine Areas 3 and 4 (La Push and Neah Bay): Open for recreational halibut fishing Thursday May 16 and Saturday May 18, and closed May 23 and 25. Additional openings will be announced if there is enough quota remaining for another day.

Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco): Open Fridays through Sundays until further notice.

Marine Areas 6-10 (Eastern Puget Sound): Open May 16-18, Thursday through Saturday; May 23-26, Thursday through Sunday; and May 30 and 31, Thursday and Friday.

Marine Area 5 (Western Puget Sound): Open May 23-26, Thursday through Sunday; May 30-June 1, Thursday through Saturday; and Saturday June 8.

Information contact: Heather Reed, (360) 249-4628 ext. 202

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