Ted's Sports Center - Flowing Lake Trout Fishing
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Flowing Lake Trout Fishing

posted by Mike on 04/03/2013

With the kids on Spring Break this week you just might want to take them to Flowing Lake for a little trout fishing. We have been hearing very good reports coming from this Snohomish County lake the past few days. With the better spring like weather there have been a few more folks venturing out and the sun has not only perked up the interest in fishing but also seems to be more agreeable to the fish themselves.

Most of the fish being caught have been smaller planter sized fish though there have been a few nicer sized 14 - 15 inch hold over fish mixed into the catches.

One of the better techniques has been trolling a leech type fly in black or olive colors such as a wooly bugger or hale bop leech in the upper layers of the water column. Some days the fish will be right on the surface and some days down 5 - 10 feet. You will have to try various depths to see where they are that day.

You can also try trolling with small spoons such as a Dick Nite in 50/50 Brass/Nickel or Brass in a Wee or #1 size.

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