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Mega Bait Jigs

posted by Mike on 02/15/2013

After quite a hiatus from our shelves we once again have Mega Bait Jigs back in stock. For the time being we have four sizes 1, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 ounce models in twelve color selections. This is one of the most popular jigs of Puget Sound pier anglers pursuing king salmon. For quite a number of years this product has been gone from the market and those anglers that have been fortunate to still have some or have been lucky enough to have procured them have been coveted by other anglers. Hopefully, we once again will have a bountiful supply for years into the future.

I am sure we will be seeing many of these being flung from the various piers of Puget Sound in pursuit of king salmon this summer.

Take a look in Ted's Products section or a seach for Mega Baits to see the sizes and color selections we have.

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