Ted's Sports Center - 2013 Anacortes Salmon Derby
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2013 Anacortes Salmon Derby

posted by Mike on 02/13/2013

The ever popular Anacortes Salmon Derby will be held on March 30 & 31. This event is so popular that every year the derby is sold out long before the event. Already over half of the 1000 tickets that are available are in fact sold. So don't be disappointed get your tickets before it is sold out.

The tickets are $60.00 per person and everyone on board must have one!

There are a number of "Great" cash prizes.

First Place $15,000
Second Place $5,000
Third Place $2,500
Secret Weight $2,500
Plus many additional prizes!

For more information on this derby go to www.anacortessalmonderby.com

Yes! Ted's does have tickets on hand!

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