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posted by Mike on 01/03/2019

The tickets for the Plympic Peninsula Salmon Derby were dropped off this morning. Tickets are $40.00 per person, and everyone in the boat must have one. 


If you need any information you can stop by and we can give you a brochure or you can go on line and see them at www.GardinerSalmonDerby.org .


posted by Mike on 09/05/2018

The Edmonds Coho Derby will take place this Saturday, September 8th. The Coho fishing has been outstanding and we should see some very good results. Taickets are $30.00 per person and we'll have them until closing at 6:00pm Friday evening.

Prizes  are as follows:

1st Place $5,000.00

2nd Place $2,500.00

3rd Place $1,000.00

Mystery Weight Fish $500.00

1st Place Youth Division $500.00

Plus Lots of Merchandise Prizes



posted by Mike on 04/07/2018

The 31st Annual Stanwood Eagles Blackmouth Derby will take place Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd. This is a great local derby that has a lot of participation by the local folks. The money prizes are based upon the number of  tickets that are sold. Tickets are $50.00. Here's a run down on the percentages.

1st Place  - 45% of the total enty fees

2nd Place - 20% of the total entry fees

3rd Place - 15% of the total enty fees

4th Place - 10% of the total entry fees

5th Place - 5% of the total entry fees

$100.00 Cash Prize To Be Drawn at 4:30 Saturday For All Entered Into The Derby

Lots of Merchandise Prizes!

Tickets Can Be Purchased At The Following Locations

Stanwood Eagles

Ted's Sports Center

Holiday Sports

John's Sporting Goods

Camano Marine

Elger Bay Store

Huntington Corner Grocery


Thanks To everyone that has supported this derby!


posted by Mike on 04/06/2018

This is the 9th year for the Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby. This year it will be held on Saturday, May 19th, so make sure to mark your calendar and pick up your tickets. It's just a little over a month away!

Fishing has been quite good for this early in the season and we have been hearing of some very good catches. Fish overall have been in the 10 - 11 inch range with a few fatties in the 13 inch range. Fish have been deeper than we normally see at this time of year with the most consistant catches in the 50 - 60 foot range.

We have lots of kokanee tackle in stock at the present time. We will be more than happy to help anyone with their tackle selection for the lake if you are just starting out.

We will have tickets for the derby shortly, tickets one again are $25.00 for Adults and those 14 and under are free!

Make sure to take a kid if you can!


posted by Mike on 05/23/2016

The Port Angeles Halibut Derby will be held this weekend on Saturday,28th & Sunday, 29th of May 2016. Tickets are $40.00 per person and lets you fish both days of the derby. There are $20,000.00 in cash prizes ranging from $5,000.00 for first prize down to $135.00 for the 35th. There are lots of additional merchandise prizes!


Stop by and pick up your tickets! We will be selling them until we close at 7:00 pm Friday.


Ted's has lots of halibut gear in stock as well as a great assortment of bait!


posted by Mike on 05/16/2016

So far the kokanee fishing has been very good at Lake Stevens this season and should make for great fishing for the Derby this Saturday. We have been seeing lots of fish in the 13-15 inch range with an odd fish to 18. Make sure to stop by and purchase your derby ticket. We will have them for sale until we close at 7:00pm Friday, 20th of May.


Make sure to take the kids, as this is a fun family event!

Tickets For 16th Annual Halibut Derby - Ted's Has Them

posted by Mike on 05/05/2016

Looking for tickets for the 16th Annual Port Angeles Halibut Derby coming up on May 28th & 29th? We have them! Tickets are $40.00 per person for both days of the derby.

7th Annual Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby Tickets - Avaiable Now

posted by Mike on 04/18/2016

We have the derby tickets on hand and ready to sell. The price is still $20.00 for those 15 and up. Kids 14 and under are "FREE". Don't forget to mark your calendar!

Here's a little run down on the prizes:


Biggest Kokanee

1st Place $1,000.00  Sponsored by Dick Nite & Gregs

2nd Place $500.00 Sponsored by Ted's Sports Center

3rd Place $250.00 Sponsored by John's Sporting Goods

4th Place $100.00 Sponsored by Triangle Bait and Tackle

Biggest 10 Fish Boat Limit

1st Place $500.00 Gift Card Sponsored by Three Rivers Marine & Tackle


Kids Derby Prizes

1st Place $100.00

2nd Place $75.00

3rd Place $50.00

First Place Fish Must Be A Kokanee. 2nd And 3rd place can be any species caught in Lake Stevens the day of the derby.


Ticket Locations

Greg's Custom Rods

Joh'ns Sporting Goods

Ted's Sports Center

Triangle Bait & Tackle

Three Rivers Marine & Tackle

Holiday Sports


Everett Blackmouth Derby Tickets Just About Sold Out

posted by Mike on 03/14/2016

Mr Woods stopped by this afternoon and said there were just a few tickets left for this Saturdays Everett Blackmouth Derby. If you are wanting to fish in this Derby you had better hurry up and purchase them. We have sold out of Derby tickets here at Teds. We understand as of Monday afternoon Ed's Surplus and Gregs Custom Rods both have a few left.

22nd Annual Everett Coho Derby - Saturday & Sunday September 19 & 20th

posted by Mike on 09/14/2015

Don't forget to stop by and buy your tickets for the upcoming 22nd Everttt Coho Derby taking place this next Saturday & Sunday, September 19th & 20th. This is the seasons largest derby with almost 2,000 anglers participating. Tickets are $30.00 for Adult Tickets and those 12 or under are "Free"!


Here's a little run down on the prizes.

1st Place - $10.000.00

2nd Place - $5,000.00

3nd Place - $2,500.00

4th Place - $1,000.00

5th Place - $500.00


Mystery Fish Weight - Dodge Ram 1500 4 X 4 Truck


Average Weight - $250.00 Gift Certificate


Additional Team Competition Side Bets


Youth Division

1st Place - $300.00

2nd Place - $200.00

3rd Place - $100.00


There are "LOTS" of additional merchandise prizes in addition to the cash prizes.

Last Day For Edmond's Coho Derby Tickets - Friday, September 11th

posted by Mike on 09/11/2015

This will be the last day to pick up your Edmond's Coho Derby tickets. The weather looks fantastic for tomorrow's derby and the Coho are in good numbers. The Edmond's Derby is one of the best of the season. You can weigh in your fish at Edmonds or at Bayside Marine in Everett. Just show up at the weigh in proceedings at the Edmonds Marina and have some good chowder donated by Anthony's Home Port. Lots of Fun!


Tickets are $30.00 per person and all on board must have one. We will be selling them until closing at 7:00pm.


Good luck to everyone participating in the event.

Edmonds Coho Derby - Saturday September 12th, 2015

posted by Mike on 09/03/2015

Stop by and pick up your Edmond's Coho Derby ticket which will be held Saturday September 12th. Tickets are $30.00 each and will give you a chance to win $5,000.00 for the largest Coho entered.


We have been seeing good numbers of Coho landed this week in all the local areas which should make for a good derby. This years Puget Sound Coho run is estimated to be around 1,000,000 fish. With number like that you just might have a chance!

Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby, Saturday May 16th

posted by Mike on 05/11/2015

If you don't have anything planned for this Saturday then you might wat to participate in the Lake Stevens Kokanne Derby. This is the 6th year that this derby has taken place and has become one of the most popular fresh water events of the year. We will have tickets until we close Friday evening at 7:00 pm and run $20.00 for those 15 and above and those 14 or under are free!


Fishing has been outstanding this year will lots of fish being caught. Kokanee have been a bit smaller this year (perhaps an inch or inch and a half) but what they have been lacking in size they have been making up in numbers.


This is a fantastic family event with some good cash prizes as well as lots of merchandise prizes donated by many of the local shops, manufactures and distributors.


A big "Thank You" to everyone that has helped to put this event together!

Lake Stevens Kokanee Fishing - Friday April 24th

posted by Mike on 04/24/2015

After a really outstanding start to our kokanee fishing on Lake Stevens starting on Thursday of last week and though Monday the fishing dropped off with the weather fronts since then. Though the fishing has been a little tougher it has by no means fallen to nothing. Everyone I have spoke with since the weather chages have come about have had to fish a little harder to get fish. Limits have been caught by a few but most have had to work considerably harder to get fish. The kokanee have been from the surface down to 15 feet or so. Most of the fish have been in the 11 - 13 inch range with a few smaller and an odd one to 14.


Once the weather settles down we should see the fishing come back to some very goos fishing.


Remember to get your Derby tickets for the 6th Annual Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby coming up on May 16th! Tickets are $20.00 for Adults and those 14 or under are "FREE"!

Tickets for 6th Annual Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby

posted by Mike on 04/14/2015

We have tickets for the popular Lake Stevens Kokanee Derby coming up on Saturday May 16th. Adult tickets are $20.00 and kids 14 and under are "FREE"!


Will give more details on the derby in the next few days.

Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby - Last Call For Tickets

posted by Mike on 02/18/2015

Don't forget to pick up your tickets for the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby. We will have them today and part of tomorrow before they are picked up. The weather looks good and the fishing has been quite good in areas 5 and 6. Get out there and go fishing!

Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby - February 20, 21 & 22

posted by Mike on 12/06/2014

This year the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby will take place on February 20, 21 and 22nd. Which "IS NOT" President's Day weekend, which it has been traditionally held.

Prizes are as follows:


!st Place - $10,000.00

2nd Place - $2,000.00

3rd Place - $1,000.00

4 ea $500.00 Mystery Fish Prizes

Many other "Great" merchadise & service prizes.


Stop by and pick up your tickets and rules for the upcoming derby here at Ted's!


Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby - February 15,16 & 17th

posted by Mike on 02/12/2014

We will have tickets for the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby that will take place over this three day weekend until we close at 7:00PM this Friday the 14th of February.  Ticket sales have been very brisk the last few days! Tickets are $40.00 for all three days of the derby.


This is a "Great" Derby with lots of participation.  There are lots of really good cash and merchandise prizes. Here's a little run down on the "CASH" prizes!


First Prize $10,000.00

Second Prize $2,000.00

Third Prize $1,000.00

Plus Four $500.00 Mystery Fish Pizes


For Additional Information go to: www.GardinerSalmonDerby.org

2014 Anacortes Salmon Derby - Tickets Are Available

posted by Mike on 02/01/2014

We have the very popular Anacortes Salmon Derby tickets at the present time and tickets have been flying out the door this morning. This derby will be held on March 29th and 30th this year. Do not hesitate to get your tickets soon as tickets sell out well before the derby and many folks are disapointed every year. Tickets are $60.00 per person.


The derby has $25,000.00 in cash prizes and thousands more in prizes.


For more information take a look at their websites.




The fishing has been outstanding once again this season in the Islands and we should see some outstanding results.

Edmond's Coho Derby - Saturday, September 7th - Last Call For Tickets

posted by Mike on 09/05/2013

Ticket sales have been very brisk the past couple of days for the Edmonds Coho Derby. The word is out as to how good the coho fishing has been this week and folks are feeling that this might just be the year that they take home that $5,000.00 first place prize. We will do our best to have tickets available right to closing tomorrow night.


To all of you participating in the derby we wish you good luck and above everything else have a "Great" time!

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