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posted by Mike on 05/31/2018

There will be no lact of anglers in the Reiter Pond section of the Skykomish tomorrow, June 1st. It has been a long awaited opener for many steelhead anglers here in our area. The river is in great shape as the cooler weather we have had this week has slowed the snow melt in the mountains and the river is in prime shape. We should see some good fishing as the hatchery already has a good number of fish back to the hatchery complex and we have heard of good numbers of hatchery steelhead being caught off the Whibdey Island beaches this Spring.


If you are not into the crowds you can give other areas of the Sky a try as there will be fish scattered throughout the river. The Sullan, Monroe and Tualco areas are all good bets for the bank angler and boaters will be pounding the Wallace Flats and Sultan areas not only for Steelhead but Chinook also.


Make sure to glace though the regulations to be up to date.


There will be lots of guys out there tomorrow as we have had a good number of them in this week gearing up.


I'll post tomorrow and give you an idea of what was going on.

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