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New Arrival! Coho Killers & Kingfisher Spoons In "Herring Aide" Color

posted by Mike on 10/01/2015

Displaying 4141111395.jpg

Displaying 4441000395.jpg


We now have Coho Killers as well as 3, 3 1/5 & 4 inch Kingfisher Spoons in the "Herring Aide" color. This color was only produced in the 3 1/2 inch Kingfisher models up until this time. This past spring and summer we had a hard time keeping them in stock due the popularity. These spoons should be outstanding this winter on blackmouth.


Stop by and take a look at the new addition to the Coho Killers and Kingfisher Spoons.



Hawken Areo Twitching Jigs Are In Stock

posted by Mike on 10/01/2015

Ted's has a great selection of Hawken Areo Twitchin Jigs in stock. We have13 colors in both the 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes. These are an outstanding twitching jig for this season's Coho. Stop by while the selection is good. We also have a limited supply of Hawken Twitchin Jig Heads for those of you that enjoy tying your own creations.

October Is Here! And With It Lots Of Fishing Opportunities

posted by Mike on 10/01/2015

With the changing of the season perhaps the best fishing opportunities of the entire year are upon us this month. There are litterally tons of various fisheries that are at their peak. Here's just a few different ideas for you!


Crabbing here in Puget Sound through December 31st this year, with the exception of Marine Area 10.


Squidding off the various piers in Puget Sound, from Edmonds south to Tacoma. The squidding has been outstanding so far this season and perhaps the best we have seen during the summer.


Fall tout fishing both in Western and Eastern Washington. As the water cools in the Fall the trout fishing picks up. Though the fishing may not be as fast and furious as it was in the Spring what the Fall brings is larger carry over fish and no crowds making for a more enjoyable fishery. Just remember many lakes close at the end of the month - read your regulations.


Great salmon fishing in many of the rivers here in Western Washington. There are good numbers of silvers in most of our coastal streams as well as here in Puget Sound. Many coastal streams have Chinook fishing opportunites and some have outstanding fishing. Many streams are open for salmon through December and some even to the end of January. There are many streams that receive bright ocean fish very late into the year.


Salmon fishing here in Puget Sound continues, with good numbers of Coho still being caught and many areas opening up to Chinook retention on hatchery fish. We have heard of numerous good sized blackmouth having to be released this pass month by Coho anglers. Now hatchery Chinook are fair game in many areas. Make sure to read those regulations well before you venture forth as not all areas are open for retention. We also will be seeing increasing numbers of Chums this month. These are a great fighting fish that generally will be in the 7 - 13 pound range with many individuals pushing the 20 pound mark. Once again, check your regulations as many areas do not allow retention of these fish. In most areas Chums are an incidental catch by those targeting Coho or Chinook. There are a few anglers that have been able to target Chums with some varied success. Stop by and we'll be glad to fill you in on some of these techniques.


If you are looking to put up some eating fish for the freezer you might think about doing a little fresh water perch fishing. These are an outstanding table fish that are generally very willing to provide a good days fishing. There are numerous lakes in both Western and Eastern Washington that provide great perch jerking. This is a good fishery to take young anglers on, as it provides good action and some great eating afterword. For those of you here in the Seattle area you can give Lake Washington a try as it has fantastic numbers of perch. If smaller waters are your choice then there are multitudes of lakes in Western Washington that provide good perch fishing.


These are just a few things that you can do this month. Stop by and we'll be glad to help you in any way we can.



Winter Crab Seasons Announced

posted by Mike on 09/26/2015

Most areas of Puget Sound reopen
Oct. 1 for late-season crab fishing



OLYMPIA – Most marine areas of Puget Sound will reopen for recreational crab fishing Oct. 1, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced today.

The openings were approved by fishery managers after summer catch assessments by WDFW indicated more crab are available for harvest, said Rich Childers, shellfish manager for the department.

Waters reopening to sport crabbing Oct. 1 at 8 a.m. include marine areas 4 (Neah Bay, east of the Tatoosh-Bonilla line), 5 (Sekiu), 6 (eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca), 7 (San Juan Islands), 8-1 (Deception Pass, Hope Island, and Skagit Bay), 8-2 (Port Susan and Port Gardner), 9 (Admiralty Inlet), 11 (Tacoma-Vashon Island), 12 (Hood Canal), and 13 (South Puget Sound).

In each area, crabbing will be allowed seven days a week through Dec. 31.

Sport crabbing will not reopen at this time in Marine Area 10 (Seattle/Bremerton).

The daily catch limit in Puget Sound is five Dungeness crab, males only, in hard-shell condition with a minimum carapace width of 6¼ inches. In addition, fishers may catch six red rock crab of either sex per day, provided those crab measure at least 5 inches across. Additional information is available on WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/crab/.

All Dungeness crab caught in the late-season fishery must be recorded on winter catch cards, which are valid through Dec. 31. Winter cards – free to those with crab endorsements – are available at license vendors across the state.

Winter catch reports are due to WDFW by Feb. 1, 2016. For more information on catch record cards, visit WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/crab/crc.html.


Tillamook Oregon Kings

posted by Mike on 09/25/2015

Displaying 20150923_151353.jpg


Here's one of six nice kings that Larry and his partner had this week at Tillamook Bay. This fishery is just getting started and will last into November. There are lots of choices on the Oregon coast in the fall season with many of them producing kings well into December.

2015 Everett Coho Derby Results

posted by Mike on 09/21/2015



22nd Annual Coho Derby Leaderboard
Starts: Sept 19, 2015 10:00AM
Ends: Sept 20, 2015 1:00PM

Derby Statistics
Statistics as of: Sep 21, 10:04 am (Refreshes every minute)
Total Number of Adult Participants: 1,966
Total Number of Youth Participants: 220
Total Number of Teams: 33
Total Number of Fish Caught: 851
Total Combined Weight of Fish Caught: 3,862 lbs
Average Weight of Fish Caught: 4.54 lbs

Adult Leaders
Rank Weight Time Participant
1) 11.31 lbs 9/19 12:44 HARALD SCHOT - MT VERNON, WA (#2210)
2) 10.82 lbs 9/19 15:13 NICHOLAS KELLEHER - BELLEVUE, WA (#3262)
3) 10.32 lbs 9/20 10:00 KEVIN SIMPSON - EVERETT, WA (#1131)
4) 9.54 lbs 9/19 13:34 TIM HEKKER - WOODINVILLE, WA (#3015)
5) 9.29 lbs 9/19 11:25 STEVE REINHART - MARYSVILLE, WA (#1936)
6) 9.06 lbs 9/19 12:59 GARY WALKER - KIRKLAND, WA (#3081)
7) 9.04 lbs 9/19 16:03 NILS GRUNERUD - CAMANO ISLAND, WA (#2049)
8) 8.89 lbs 9/19 14:43 GARY BOSTOW - RAPID CITY, SD (#1205)
9) 8.80 lbs 9/20 12:26 SOU SAEPHAN - EVERETT, WA (#1430)
10) 8.68 lbs 9/20 12:14 ABE BOURASAW - MT VERNON, WA (#1445)

Youth Leaders
Rank Weight Time Participant
1) 8.14 lbs 9/20 12:42 JAMIE MALYSHEFF - EVERETT, WA (#6284)
2) 6.89 lbs 9/19 13:46 GRACE RUMMERFIELD - SNOHOMISH, WA (#6316)
3) 6.53 lbs 9/19 15:12 ZACK KELLEHER - BELLEVUE, WA (#6331)
4) 6.40 lbs 9/19 11:26 JAYDEN SANDOVAL - SNOHOMISH, WA (#6306)
5) 6.17 lbs 9/19 13:33 KELTON FENRICH - LAKE STEVENS, WA (#6219)
6) 5.91 lbs 9/19 14:58 ELDIN CRANFORD - LAKE STEVENS, WA (#6100)
7) 5.85 lbs 9/20 12:50 JAMES TOLEN - LAKE STEVENS, WA (#6212)
8) 5.63 lbs 9/19 14:38 FINN THOMA - SNOHOMISH, WA (#6271)
9) 5.38 lbs 9/19 14:57 KEEGAN CRANFORD - LAKE STEVENS, WA (#6101)
10) 5.36 lbs 9/19 12:37 AUDREY ELWOOD - EVERETT, WA (#6093)

Dick Nite Leader
Rank Weight Time Participant
1) 9.04 lbs 9/19 16:03 NILS GRUNERUD - CAMANO ISLAND, WA (#2049)

Silver Horde Leader
Rank Weight Time Participant
1) 11.31 lbs 9/19 12:44 HARALD SCHOT - MT VERNON, WA (#2210)

Team Leaders
Rank Best Average Weight Team
2) 5.19 lbs BAIT 2 PLATE
3) 5.03 lbs OKUMAS
5) 4.87 lbs BIKINI BOTTOM
6) 4.41 lbs THE BOAT SHOW
7) 4.32 lbs BURKEFISH
8) 4.29 lbs SHAKER TAKERS
9) 4.21 lbs WHITE LIGHTNIN
10) 4.06 lbs MUL-HA


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More Whidbey Island Coho

posted by Mike on 09/18/2015

Displaying DSCN1861[1].JPG


You are never too young to start salmon fishing! Here's a great photo of Isabella Grace with her first salmon. She caught this coho with her Dad Tony at Fort Casey on a customized Pearl Rotator. Nice Fish Isabella! Perhaps she will stop by with some smoked salmon in the near future!

Whidbey Island Silver Fishing

posted by Mike on 09/18/2015


Displaying IMG_2202.JPG

The silver fishing off the beach at Possession Point Bait Company on the South East side of Whidbey Island has been outstanding this season. Here's a photo of Pearse Kelly's first salmon,  which he took on a herring fished under a float. Nice Fish Pearse!

I spoke with Danny & Angie this morning and they said there has been over 1,200 silvers landed off the beach this season. Which has been the greatest number since this fishery has started.

Generally, most everyone that fishes here fishes herring under a float. You can get fresh herring from Danny, Angie or the kids.

If you have not fished this method you can stop by and we'll be glad to show you how to rig up to be successful at this fishery. We have everything that you might need.


The other spots on Whidbey Island have also been producing good numbers of Coho. You can fish Bush Point, Lagoon Point, Fort Casey, Ebby Landing, West Beach or Deception Pass. All have been good.


We have lots of the beach tackle in stock. Lots of Buzz Bombs, Rotators, small hoochies and a good selection of floats and weights for this fishery.


22nd Annual Everett Coho Derby - Saturday & Sunday September 19 & 20th

posted by Mike on 09/14/2015

Don't forget to stop by and buy your tickets for the upcoming 22nd Everttt Coho Derby taking place this next Saturday & Sunday, September 19th & 20th. This is the seasons largest derby with almost 2,000 anglers participating. Tickets are $30.00 for Adult Tickets and those 12 or under are "Free"!


Here's a little run down on the prizes.

1st Place - $10.000.00

2nd Place - $5,000.00

3nd Place - $2,500.00

4th Place - $1,000.00

5th Place - $500.00


Mystery Fish Weight - Dodge Ram 1500 4 X 4 Truck


Average Weight - $250.00 Gift Certificate


Additional Team Competition Side Bets


Youth Division

1st Place - $300.00

2nd Place - $200.00

3rd Place - $100.00


There are "LOTS" of additional merchandise prizes in addition to the cash prizes.

Run Down On Edmond's Coho Derby

posted by Mike on 09/12/2015

Derby Summary

All Entries - Top 10

Place Fisherman Weight Time
1st Glen Kincaid   7.480lb 09-12-15 12:49 PM
2nd Gerrie Counsellor   6.810lb 09-12-15 01:26 PM
3rd Steve Nuss   6.690lb 09-12-15 01:54 PM
4th Veda Mitchell   6.590lb 09-12-15 01:43 PM
5th Frank Phipps   6.120lb 09-12-15 01:32 PM
6th Rick Ratynski   5.990lb 09-12-15 01:24 PM
7th Dobie Steikunas   5.850lb 09-12-15 01:19 PM
8th Jeff Hodge   5.840lb 09-12-15 12:58 PM
9th Nic Pulley   5.810lb 09-12-15 01:23 PM
10th Ernest Sheridan   5.680lb 09-12-15 12:56 PM

Adult Division - Top 10

Place Fisherman Weight Time
1st Glen Kincaid   7.480lb 09-12-15 12:49 PM
2nd Gerrie Counsellor   6.810lb 09-12-15 01:26 PM
3rd Steve Nuss   6.690lb 09-12-15 01:54 PM
4th Veda Mitchell   6.590lb 09-12-15 01:43 PM
5th Frank Phipps   6.120lb 09-12-15 01:32 PM
6th Rick Ratynski   5.990lb 09-12-15 01:24 PM
7th Dobie Steikunas   5.850lb 09-12-15 01:19 PM
8th Jeff Hodge   5.840lb 09-12-15 12:58 PM
9th Nic Pulley   5.810lb 09-12-15 01:23 PM
10th Ernest Sheridan   5.680lb 09-12-15 12:56 PM

Kids 14 & Under Division - Top 10

Place Fisherman Weight Time
1st Logan Weidner   5.660lb 09-12-15 12:55 PM
2nd Isabella Marker   4.850lb 09-12-15 01:29 PM
3rd Connor Macaulay   4.700lb 09-12-15 01:40 PM
4th Jacob Neatherlin   4.600lb 09-12-15 01:14 PM
5th Rigel Balliet   4.590lb 09-12-15 02:00 PM
6th Terren Myror   4.150lb 09-12-15 02:12 PM
7th Allison Haug   3.910lb 09-12-15 01:25 PM
8th Jacob Wenzler   3.910lb 09-12-15 02:05 PM
9th Natalie Thorton   3.740lb 09-12-15 02:04 PM
10th Quinn Lawrence   3.680lb 09-12-15 02:21 PM
September 12, 2015 04:41 PM

Derby Stats

287 Fish weighed in.

Spot Shrimp Fishing To Close In Marine Areas 4,5,6 and 7 West

posted by Mike on 09/12/2015




Spot shrimp fishing closing in Marine Areas 4, 5, 6 and 7 West



Action: Spot shrimp fishing is closing for the season in Marine Areas 4 (east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line), 5, 6, and 7 West.

Effective date: Sept. 15, 2015, at 9:00 p.m.

Species affected: Spot Shrimp.

Location: Marine Areas 4 (east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line), 5, 6, and 7 West.

Reason for action: To protect female spot shrimp during the onset of the egg-bearing period.

Other information: Marine Areas 4, 5 and 6 will remain open daily until Oct.15 for coonstripe and pink shrimp fishing (Marine Area 6 will have a 200 foot maximum fishing depth restriction between Sept.15 and Oct.15). Marine Area 7 West will close completely for all shrimp species on Sept.15. All other Puget Sound Marine Areas are already closed to spot shrimp fishing.

Contact: Mark O'Toole, La Conner, (360) 466-4345 ext. 241, or Don Velasquez, Mill Creek, (425) 775-1311 ext. 112.

Wild Coho Retention Closes In Marine Area 4 (Neah Bay)

posted by Mike on 09/12/2015

Wild coho retention prohibited in Marine Area 4


Action: In Catch Record Card Area 4 the daily limit will change to prohibit retention of wild coho in daily salmon limits.

Effective date: Sept. 11, 2015

Species affected: Coho salmon

Location: Marine Area 4 (Neah Bay)

Reason for action: Insufficient quota remains to allow wild coho retention as part of daily limit.

Other information: The daily limit in Marine Area 4 will be two salmon, only one of which may be a chinook, plus two additional pink salmon, release wild coho salmon and chum salmon. Chinook may not be retained east of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line.

Information Contact: Doug Milward 360-902-2739

Last Day For Edmond's Coho Derby Tickets - Friday, September 11th

posted by Mike on 09/11/2015

This will be the last day to pick up your Edmond's Coho Derby tickets. The weather looks fantastic for tomorrow's derby and the Coho are in good numbers. The Edmond's Derby is one of the best of the season. You can weigh in your fish at Edmonds or at Bayside Marine in Everett. Just show up at the weigh in proceedings at the Edmonds Marina and have some good chowder donated by Anthony's Home Port. Lots of Fun!


Tickets are $30.00 per person and all on board must have one. We will be selling them until closing at 7:00pm.


Good luck to everyone participating in the event.

Puget Sound Coho

posted by Mike on 09/10/2015

With the weather outstanding for the next few days it would be a great time to go chase Coho here in Puget sound. We have seen very good fishing for the past ten days or so here in our section of Puget Sound and it should continue for quite some time. The Coho that we have been seeing have been a bit on the smallish side with the average fish in the 3 - 6 pound range with an occasional fish up to around 11 pounds, with those being few and far between. With the pinks being far smaller than we normally see it does not amaze me to see Coho coming back smaller also. I would have to say that the productivity of the ocean was not good in the area which our pinks and Coho feed.


We have been seeing goood numbers of Coho being caught with many anglers finding limits were not to hard to come by. Most have been fishing the typical areas with the Edmond's / Richmond Beach shoreline being productive as well as the Picnic Point to Mukilteo streach. The biggest thing in Coho fishing is to be where they are. These fish can be in 10 feet of water right on the beach or out in the shipping lanes in 600 - 700 feet of water. These are migratory fish and where they are one moment they aren't the next. If you are not seeing signs of fish in your area you need to search them out, don't stick with a spot if it's unproductive. Go look somewhere else!


Get out and enjoy the weekend and perhaps you will find a Coho or two!



Summer Crab Catch Record Cards Need To Be Returned

posted by Mike on 09/08/2015

Just a reminder to all of you crabbers out there to send in your summer catch record card or you can due it online. If you are going to crab in the remaining areas that are still open then you need to procure a winter crab catch record card as of today.


We have been having folks asking if there is going to be a winter crab season here in our local areas. At the present time we have no idea. WDFW will use the data on the returned crab catch record card as well as their boat ramp checks to determine if there is enough crab allocation in each area to allow additional time this fall and winter. Just as soon as we hear anything we will post it here on the website.


If you still want to crab there is still some additional time in Marine Area 7 (San Juans). Make sure to check the WDFW crab regulations.

Edmonds Coho Derby - Saturday September 12th, 2015

posted by Mike on 09/03/2015

Stop by and pick up your Edmond's Coho Derby ticket which will be held Saturday September 12th. Tickets are $30.00 each and will give you a chance to win $5,000.00 for the largest Coho entered.


We have been seeing good numbers of Coho landed this week in all the local areas which should make for a good derby. This years Puget Sound Coho run is estimated to be around 1,000,000 fish. With number like that you just might have a chance!

Whidbey Island Coho & Pinks

posted by Mike on 09/03/2015

If you are a land locked angler and looking for a little salmon action now is the time to be heading to the western beaches of Whidbey Island. This week we have had very good reports coming from all of the Island's beaches. There are more Coho being caught every day and there are still a fair number of pinks being caught. With better numbers of Coho showing in the catches folks are changing their gear over from pinks. You can give Bush Point, Lagoon Point or Fort Casey a try! There are many other beaches that also deliver good results if you do a little prospecting.


There are two different methods that are utilized. The first is casting and retreiving Rotators or Buzz Bombs in chartreuse, flame/orange or pearl white colors in the 2 1/2 inch size. Some anglers are also adding a small squid over their hook for additional inhancement. The second method is to fish a float with a herring suspended under it. This is a very fun sport and very productive. If you want to see this method first hand a trip to Possession Point Bait Company off of Franklin Road at the SE corner of Whidbey Island is the place to go. You will see a number of anglers lined up on the beach in front of the bait company fishing either a live herring or a fresh killed bait. Many anglers punch out an entire catch record card or more fishing just here during the Coho run. You can get fresh bait from Danny, Angie or one of the kids. This fishery is a kick! Many just pick up their bait in the morning and then go off to their favorite island hot spot.


If you have never fished the beaches you can stop by and the crew here at Ted's will be more than happy to help you out on the places to go and techniques to use. We have lots of this tackle in stock.

Marine Areas 1 - 4 Open For Retention Of Wild Coho

posted by Mike on 09/02/2015

Anglers can keep hatchery and wild coho
in ocean marine areas



OLYMPIA - Anglers will be allowed to retain both wild and hatchery coho beginning Friday, Sept. 4, in all four ocean marine areas.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) previously limited anglers fishing in marine areas 1-4 to hatchery coho - marked with a missing adipose fin - to meet conservation goals for wild coho while extending fishing through the entire salmon season, said Doug Milward, ocean salmon manager for the department.

However, with a month remaining in the fishery, only 43 percent of the coho quota has been reached for the coast.

"With so much of the coho catch quota remaining this late in the season, we can allow anglers to keep both hatchery and wild coho without exceeding our conservation objectives for wild salmon," Milward said.

Through Aug. 30, anglers have caught 64,576 coho of the 150,800 coho quota for the coast.

Ocean salmon fisheries are currently scheduled to continue through Sept. 30 in all four marine areas.

Anglers have a two-salmon daily catch limit in all four marine areas off the Washington coast. Up to two chinook may be retained in Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco) and Marine Area 2 (Westport); anglers fishing off La Push (Marine Area 3) and west of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line off Neah Bay (Marine Area 4) can keep one chinook as well as two additional pink salmon as part of their daily catch limit.

For additional details on fishing regulations, check the fishing regulations pamphlet at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/

Fishery managers will continue to monitor the ocean salmon fishery throughout the season, and announce any other changes on WDFW's website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/

Many Rivers Re Opened From Drought Closures & Restrictions

posted by Mike on 09/02/2015

WDFW eases restrictions, closures
on some rivers affected by drought



OLYMPIA - State fishery managers are easing drought-related fishing restrictions and closures on more than a dozen rivers where conditions have improved.

The changes are effective immediately.

To protect fish, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) previously closed or restricted fishing on more than 60 rivers and streams due to drought-induced low river flows and warm water temperatures.

Conditions in some rivers have returned to normal for this time of year thanks to recent rains and cooler weather, said Ron Warren, WDFW salmon policy lead.

"We're seeing lower water temperatures and river flows typical for late summer in several rivers around the state," Warren said. "If those conditions continue, we'll likely ease restrictions in other rivers in the coming days and weeks."

Any future changes will be posted on WDFW's drought webpage at http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/drought/ . The webpage also contains information on fishing closures or "hoot owl" restrictions - which limit the hours that a river is open to fishing - that remain in place on more than 40 rivers and streams across Washington.

Fishing is open, or no longer restricted to specified hours, on the rivers listed by region below.

Region 3 - South Central Washington

Hoot owl restrictions lifted on:

  • Naches River from Tieton River to Bumping River/Little Naches River
  • Rattlesnake Creek
  • Yakima River from I-82 at Union Gap to South Cle Elum Bridge

Region 4 - North Puget Sound

Reopening to fishing:

  • Lower Nooksack River from Slater Road to Deming
  • Lower Skykomish River
  • Stillaguamish River from Marine Drive upstream to the North and South forks

Region 5 - Southwest Washington

Hoot-owl restrictions lifted on:

  • East Fork Lewis River from Lewisville Park upstream
  • Washougal River from Mt. Norway Bridge upstream

Reopening to fishing:

  • East Fork Lewis River from Lewisville Park downstream
  • Washougal River from Mt. Norway Bridge downstream

Region 6 - Olympic Peninsula and South Sound

Hoot owl restrictions lifted on:

  • Nisqually River

Reopening to fishing:

  • Quilcene River
  • Upper Quilleyute River
  • Lower Dickey River
  • Lower Sol Duc River
  • Lower Calawah River
  • Lower Bogachiel River
  • Lower Clearwater River
  • Salmon River

More details on the actions taken today can be found on WDFW's webpage at https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/index.jsp

The department also has rescinded a moratorium on sturgeon fishing in the Columbia Basin.

In addition, WDFW is easing restrictions on the rivers listed above for suction dredging for gold and mechanical removal of aquatic plants.


Tulalip Bubble Fishery Re-Opens For Chinook

posted by Mike on 09/02/2015

Tulalip Bubble fishery re-opens for chinook


Action: Re-open chinook retention in the Tulalip Bubble fishery.

Effective Date: 12:01 a.m. Sept. 4, 2015, until further notice.

Species affected: Chinook.

Location: Waters west of Tulalip Bay and within 2,000 feet of shore from the pilings at Old Bower's Resort, to a fishing boundary marker approximately 1.4 miles northwest of Hermosa Point.

Reason for action: Chinook brood stock collection efforts at the Tulalip and Wallace River Hatchery has improved with the recent rains.

Other information: Tulalip Bubble fishery has a daily salmon limit is 2 salmon plus 2 additional pink salmon and the 2 pole endorsement is valid. Tulalip Bubble is open Friday, Sept. 4 through noon Monday, Sept. 7 and Saturdays and Sundays only starting Sept. 12 through Sept. 27. Other waters in Marine Area 8-2 remain unaffected by this rule change.

Information contact: Ryan Lothrop (360) 902-2808, Jenni Whitney (425) 775-1311

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