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G-Loomis STR 1201 S-SK (GL2)

Length: 10ft Handle: D Pieces: 2 Line Weight: 6 - 10lb Lure Weight: 1/16 - 3/16oz Action: Moderate Power: Light A specialty steelhead rod designed to fish the smaller, brushy streams of the Great Lakes region, where you need a quick hookset to keep the fish clear of the brush and logs. The handle grips are reversed from the traditional western rod styles, with a long fore grip and short rear grip. This lets the angler put their hand ahead of the reel, moving the center of balance back, allowing the angler to lift the rod tip quickly without having to lift the reel. In fact, the weight of the reel, behind the grip actually helps lift the tip. The 10’ length increases line and lure control and puts a lot of pressure on a fish. These are the rods that put G.Loomis on the map. They are light, sensitive and extremely efficient. In our opinion, the two most important factors in a steelhead rod are sensitivity and line control. It’s amazing… as big as these fish are, their bite is so subtle that if you don’t have an extremely sensitive rod you can miss a lot of fish. Drift fishermen, whether fishing from a boat or the shore, face many variables. Water levels fluctuate depending on the weather. Some rivers are low and clear, requiring light line and a stealthy approach, while others are big and more off color, allowing heavier gear and no finesse at all. Rod length is important! Anglers fishing small coastal streams can get by with a short rod while longer rods work much better on big rivers. A longer rod gives you a more direct angle of entry into the water and that means less line drag from the current. Less drag means more sensitivity and knowing what's going on at the end of your line is what makes the difference. G.Loomis steelhead rods are designed with a dynamic, sensitive tip and a moderately powered butt that allow you to fish a variety of line weights and lure sizes. We make several different lengths and power-ratings, giving you numerous options for most fishing conditions. Select the rod that best matches your requirements giving careful consideration to the different levels of graphite performance.