Ted's Sports Center - Jensen Flash Fly Everglo Ghost (4")
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Jensen Flash Fly Everglo Ghost (4")

Jensen Flash Fly Everglo Ghost (4")

from Luhr-Jensen

Price: $7.99
Available and in-stock. 2 available in our online inventory. Contact us for greater quantities.

Product Details

Everglo skirting, tinsel fibers, 3D eyes, and quality VMC hooks make the pro-rigged Jensen Flash Fly irresistible to Salmon. A highly versatile lure, it performs best at 1-4 mph behind Luhr-Jensen's Dipsy Divers, Jensen Dodgers and Abe & Al Flashers. Rigged with a 36 inch, 50lb Suffix monofilament leader, and two 4/0 red VMC Octopus hooks.