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Gold Star - Yamashita Squid - #20 Mini Sardine 0015(F15)

Gold Star - Yamashita Squid - #20 Mini Sardine 0015(F15)

from Silver Horde

Price: $6.69
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Product Details

Yamashita "Golden Bait" squids are the highest quality on the market today. Here in the Pacific Northwest they are the standard in the fishing industry. They are not only manufactured from the highest quality materials but also have the best colors.
The Mini Sardine have been extremely popular for kokanne, trout, landlocked Chinook and coho as well as salmon fishing in the saltwater when smaller bait fish are present.
Many anglers are using then to enhance their spinners, spoons and jigs such as Buzz Bombs and Rotators.
The Mini Sardines are 2 1/4 inches long and come five per package.