Ted's Sports Center - Silver Horde Kingfisher Lite, "Herring Aide" (3.5 inch)
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Silver Horde Kingfisher Lite, "Herring Aide" (3.5 inch)

Silver Horde Kingfisher Lite, "Herring Aide" (3.5 inch)

from Silver Horde

Price: $5.20
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Product Details

Gold Star Kingfisher 3 "Lite" spoons have become one of the most popular salmon trolling spoons here in the Pacific Northwest. This is a thin bladed spoon that has great action no matter if fished alone or in conjunction with a dodger or flasher for a little additional attraction and action. The 3 is a good choice when you are trying to match small bait fish such as small herring. This spoon is 2 3/4inches long x 5/8inches wide. Smaller spoons such as these are extremely popular in the winter months fishing blackmouth (immature king salmon).