Ted's Sports Center - Silver Horde Tackle-Trapper (2 pack)
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Silver Horde Tackle-Trapper (2 pack)

Silver Horde Tackle-Trapper (2 pack)

from Silver Horde

Price: $8.79
We're sorry, this product is currently out of stock online. Please contact us regarding in-store availability.

Product Details

The Silver Horde Tackle-Trapper is a great addition for any fisherman's inventory. Preparing gear beforehand can save a lot of time, but it can also quickly become a mess. The Tackle-Trapper is designed to hold pre-rigged squid and flasher/dodger setups, making them easy to store and keeping your gear organized. Tackle-Trappers keep your tackle tangle-free and protect your gear. These Silver Horde Tackle-Trappers come packaged in sets of two and are currently only available in the blue color shown in the photo above. A velcro-secured opening ensures that your tackle stays in the Tackle-Trapper and won't fall out during travel.