Ted's Sports Center - G-Loomis SAR 1084 C (GL2)
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G-Loomis SAR 1084 C (GL2)

G-Loomis SAR 1084 C (GL2)

from G-Loomis

Price: $279.98
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Product Details

Rod Length: 9'
Handle: A
Pieces: 2
Line Weight: 10-30 lb.
Lure Weight: 1-6 oz.
Action: Moderate
Power: Heavy

This is a powerful, moderate-action rod designed for drift or motor mooching. It will troll or mooch up to 6-ounces, but if you decide you want to use it for drift fishing it will handle about 3-ounces. It makes an excellent choice for bobber fishing in tidewater. The guides and tip-top are oversize to handle bobber stops. Handles big fish extremely well!