Ted's Sports Center - Islander MR2 Salmon Mooching Reel (Black)
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Islander MR2 Salmon Mooching Reel (Black)

Islander MR2 Salmon Mooching Reel (Black)

from Islander

Price: $609.97
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Product Details

Spool Diameter: 4.25 inches
Spool Width: 1.00 inches
Weight: 16.0 ounces
Capacity: 350 yards of 20lb monofilament and backing

The MR2 is THE reel of choice for guides in the Pacific Northwest and coastal British Columbia. The MR2 is a single action, direct drive reel in the "knuckle buster" tradition.

Ideal for downrigging, the MR2 features a frame-side free spool lever that places the spool into a drag-less mode, allowing for quick drops to a desired depth. The drag is adjusted on the spool side, and offers a wide range of drag pressures to slow down and even stop that next record fish that gets hooked up.

Every MR2 mooching reel comes with two contoured Delrin handles. Delrin is a light, wear-resistant engineering plastic that does not absorb water and can withstand almost any environment.

The MR2 is only available in right-hand retrieve. Due to the freespool design, it cannot be configured for left-hand retrieve.

The typical line recommendation is dacron for two-thirds of the spool capacity, and monofilament for the remaining one-third.

Islander provides a two year warranty against manufacturer defects. Many owners have been using their reels without any issues for over 15 years.