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Yakima Basin Stream Fishing Closed Or Restricted

Select Yakima Basin tributaries to close to fishing for game fish due to drought


Actions: Partially or completely close current seasons for game fish in select areas to reduce drought-related injury and/or mortality.

Effective date: Immediately until further notice

Species affected: All game fish (trout, whitefish, etc.)

Locations for new restrictions or closures:

1) Yakima River from I-82 Bridge at Union Gap to the South Cle Elum Bridge: Closed 2 p.m. until midnight

2) Swauk Creek and all tributaries downstream of Williams Creek: Closed 2 p.m. until midnight

3) Williams Creek and all tributaries: Closed

4) Swauk Creek and all tributaries upstream of Williams Creek: Closed

5) American River: Closed

Previously announced restrictions and closures remain in effect on the following Yakima Basin tributaries:

1) Ahtanum Creek, including North and Middle Forks: Closed

2) Naches River from Tieton River to Bumping River/Little Naches River: Closed 2 p.m. until midnight

3) Rattlesnake Creek: Closed 2 p.m. until midnight

4) Little Naches River: Closed

5) Teanaway River, including West, Middle and North Forks: Closed

Reason for action: Afternoon water temperatures in Yakima Basin rivers and creeks are approaching the upper limit for survival of trout and salmon. Most of the above waters do not benefit from cold water releases from the Bureau of Reclamation storage reservoirs. These select waters receive significant summer fishing effort that will subject hooked fish to handling stress, injury or death directly related to elevated water temperature combined with record low instream flow conditions.

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