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Winter Steelheading

Thanksgiving is the traditional kick off of Winter steelhead season. Many anglers fish the morning in search of a early returning steelhead. Though generally it's not hot fishing by any means, there is at least a chance of bringing home a nice bright Winter fish. So far we have not seen any steelhead that I would call a winter fish but we have heard that there at least have been a few that have made their way back to the Wallace hatchery. If you really want the best chance at early winter fish, then I would head to the Olympic Penn. where we have been hearing of Winter fish for awhile. The best bet would be to fish the Bogachiel or Calawah where they do have early returning hatchery fish. The other choice would be to fish the Salmon River outside the Quinault Reservation. Also consider to hire a tribal guide to fish the Salmon River or Cook Creek on the Reservation, as both streams have a early return of hatchery steelhead. Good Luck!

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