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Winter Blackmouth Opens November 1st

Winter blackmouth fishing will open this Thursday in Marine Areas 8-1,8-2 & 9. Marine Areas 10, 11, 12 and 13 are already open. Make sure to read your regulations before fishing as there are some differences between areas. Though our local areas don't open until Thursday we have been hearing of some blackmouth being caught incidental to the coho fishery. We have heard of some nice average 7 - 8 pound fish being caught on the west side of the bar off Satchet Head. These fish came out of 90 -150 feet of water right tight up against the ledges. The Brown's Bay area off Spanish House also turned out a few smallish blackmouth for one of our customers yesterday while he was trying to get a couple more of those late running coho. We have also been hearing of some blackmouth fishing off Jefferson Head in the past couple of weeks. Nothing outstanding size wise but at least there seems to be a few fish around. Hopefully we will see some better weather for the opener as well as the Bayside Derby that will take place this weekend. Typically, we will get only 10 - 11 days in November that we will be able to fish due to our typical very windy weather.
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