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Winter Blackmouth Fisheries

Finally, we have a chance to get back out on the water and chase some winter blackmouth on the local waters that have been closed to samon fishing for quite some time. Since it has opened on November 1st we have had some mixed reports from anglers. The best reports that we have are coming from the Possession Bar area south to the Head. Though there are alot of sub legals beeing caught, there are some nice fish being caught. We had one group of anglers that had 4 for there boat in the 8 - 10 pound range and released a wild fish of aroung 16 pounds. We have had similar reports from others that have been in. The Hat Island / Race track area seems to be putting out a high percentage of shakers for very few legal fish. The Saratoga Pasage area is like wise putting out a lot of small fish. Not to say there are no legal fish, but they are few and far between.

I am sure as more anglers venture out we will hear of more areas putting out fish. We'll pass on more information as we hear it. Get out and fish!

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