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Wind River & Drano Lake Closed To Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Wind River and Drano Lake to close for salmon and steelhead fishing

Action:  Closes salmon and steelhead angling in the Wind River and Drano Lake.

Effective date:  Monday, May 20, 2019 until further notice.

Species affected:  Salmon and steelhead.


  • Wind River: from the mouth to 800 yards downstream of Carson National Fish Hatchery.  The mouth of the Wind River is defined by the buoy line markers south of the Highway 14 bridge.
  • Drano Lake: In the waters downstream of markers on point of land downstream and across from Little White Salmon National Fish Hatchery and upstream of the Highway 14 bridge.

Reason for action:  Returns of upriver spring chinook to several hatchery facilities in the Columbia and Snake River basins are currently projected to fall below levels needed to meet broodstock collection goals.  These facilities have utilized spring chinook stocks collected at Little White Salmon and Carson National Fish Hatcheries for brood when shortfalls occur.  Closing the Wind River and Drano Lake fisheries will provide additional fish for these hatchery facilities and help ensure future hatchery returns and fishing opportunities.

Additional information:  WDFW will continue to monitor the spring chinook return with co-managers and National Fish Hatchery staff to determine if further fishery modification is needed.  All other permanent rules remain in effect; please refer to the Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet for additional information.

Information contact: Matt Gardner, District Fish Biologist, 360-906-6746

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